Final year placements in radiology in Bendigo

Two radiographers look at on-screen x-ray

Male radiologist explains on-screen scans to two female students
Emma Ruby and Dominique Hanna with radiologist, Dr Damien Cleeve.

Female radiographer talks to a staff member about onscreen scan while a patient lies on examination table
Christine Scott and staff member examine a scan.

Undertake a final year placement in radiology in Bendigo with the School of Rural Health and Bendigo Health.

Rotation: Radiology
Where: Bendigo Health


The Medical Imaging Department at Bendigo Health conducts general radiology, ultrasound, CT, intervention radiology, MR and nuclear medicine scans with over 90000 attendances each year. The department is located on the acute campus of Bendigo Health.  Four radiologists, three consultants and one registrar staff the department at all times.

As a final year pre-intern student you will be part of the radiology team with your own PACs access and an opportunity to participate in reporting sessions, procedures and to undertake venous access for CT scans.

Learning opportunities

The department runs an active teaching program for undergraduates, junior doctors, registrars and consultants that includes:

  • weekly tutorials with radiologists
  • multidisciplinary meetings

There are also separate teaching programs for students through Monash and for residents and registrars in the hospital.

Pre-internship position

You will:

  • coordinate education sessions delivered to other students by the department
  • become fully conversant with the PACs and RIS systems
  • View and undertake simple image guided procedures such as venepuncture or ascites drainage
  • review the student teaching file individually or with the consultant/registrar.