Current projects

Our teams are busy working on these projects which are coming online soon.

Career planner

Medical career pathways are complex. It is often difficult to navigate your way through various university, college and health services websites. The career planner tool - Dr Pathway - is a collaborative effort by six training hubs designed as a one-stop-shop for mapping out end-to-end medical career pathways. Its focus is regional Victoria and Tasmania.

Near-peer and community mentoring

We’re working on a mentoring program that will facilitate near-peer knowledge sharing and support, as well as an option to establish enjoyable non-work related connections within the local community.

Inspirational stories and videos

This series of informative conversations  shines a light on some of our local medical specialists, profiles them and answers questions such as:

  • how did they get to where they are now
  • what is the best thing about being rural
  • what career decisions were the hardest and the best and why.

The series also documents some of the realities of working in regional health services, and the lifestyle of a rural junior doctor/specialist.

See what it's like to live, study and work in Gippsland.

Bonded medical places

We are exploring how we can support bonded medical place students and junior doctors  to get the most out of their regional placements and meet their return of service obligations.

Research opportunities

Research can be a catalyst for taking the next step up in your training pathway. The Hubs are working to identify and promote research opportunities which may exist in our regions for junior doctors.

Career resources

Links to information and resources that may support your regional studies and training pathways.
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