Monash Rural Health Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland

Simulated patient being loaded into an ambulance

Monash Rural Health Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland  incorporates two sites at Warragul and  Traralgon, both based with regional hospitals. Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon is a purpose-built, 257-bed teaching hospital offering a suite of medical services. The hospital treats close to 115,000 people every year, more than a quarter of them in its emergency department West Gippsland Healthcare Group's hospital in Warragul is an 83-bed acute facility that treats approximately 11,000 inpatients and 13,500 emergency visits each year. We also partner with a range of other groups and health services.

Our programs

Year 2

The two-week Year 2 rural health placements are designed to introduce students to rural communities and rural health practice. Students are placed in Latrobe Valley, West Gippsland and South Gippsland where they are exposed to rural hospitality and a diversity of experience. Placements include visits to pharmacies, hospitals, complementary therapists and Indigenous sites.

Year 3B

The year-long Year 3B program features broad experience across medical and surgical units and is undertaken at both Latrobe Regional Hospital (Traralgon - capacity for 24 students) and the West Gippsland Hospital (Warragul - capacity for 10 students). Students based at Traralgon also have a short-term placement at Maryvale Private Hospital, Morwell. Students in Traralgon and Warragul attend most of their tutorials at their local site. Some videoconferencing between sites is used to reduce travel time. Small student numbers means more individual attention and more hands-on experience and mentoring.

Simulated patient with three medical students

Year 4C

The Gippsland Regional Integrated Clinical Education Program (GRICE) is built around three 12-week study blocks. In each block students undertake study and clinical placements in General Practice and one in either Women’s Health, Children’s Health or Medicine of the Mind. Students attend tutorials focused on General Practice as well as the discipline of their 12-week block. They also attend placements within community organisations relevant to that discipline.

Year 5D/final

The final year consists of a series of six-week rotations. Monash Rural Health Latrobe Valley & West Gippsland offer the following hospital based rotations:

LocationHospital Core subjects
Traralgon Latrobe Regional Hospital Medicine, Surgery, Emergency and Aged Care
Warragul West Gippsland Healthcare Group Medicine, Surgery and Emergency