Teaching resources

A range of learning and teaching material is produced to assist you in planning and implementing your teaching sessions.


REd (a resource for rural clinical educators) was a printed resource produced four times a year between 2007 and 2015. Each four-page issue covered one area of interest to clinical educators, with supporting practical suggestions, stories from educators and students, and information about other useful material. All 30 issues can be accessed here.


REd alert

REd alerts are a series of booklets about learning and teaching.

  • REd alert 1: A-Z of learning and teaching activities and methods

An A-Z of common - and not so common - methods that could be used in your teaching sessions.


Education technology inservice

A series of video conferenced presentations on a range of education technologies. Links to presentation slides and recordings of the sessions.


Information/help sheets


Guide for working with simulated patients

Involving Simulated Patients in Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) is a guidebook about involving simulated patients in your teaching and assessment of health professional students. The guidebook and accompanying DVD is intended for use when training simulated patients for practical exam situations. It has nine filmed snippets of typical OSCEs including:

  • participating in a Year 3 OSCE
  • memorising a history
  • physical examination
  • being in 'time out' during the exam
  • keeping in role during the exam
  • role playing a depressed person
  • role playing a complex patient
  • involving a child simulated patient.

The guidebook suggests discussion points for a training session and de-briefing strategies for facilitators to assist simulated patients after an exam.

It is available by contacting Pam Harvey on +61 3 5440 9083 or by email.