Simulated patient programs

male and female sim patients standing with a skeleton

Long-time sim patients at SRH Churchill, Andrew and Alison.

Simulated patients are an important part of medical teaching and examinations, playing the role of patients. They are generally volunteers who are well people trained to take on the role of patients for exams and clinical training. Presenting the same role to a student for examination and diagnosis is important for exam consistency.

Sim patients represent a range of ages and are drawn from local communities close to our teaching sites. Each site aims to have a registry of sim patients of all ages who can be called on to fill roles.

Sim patients in Bendigo

What is involved in becoming a sim patient for the School of Rural Health Bendigo?

  • Attending a general Simulated Patient Training workshop - 2 hours
  • Having your details on a confidential Simulated Patient registry
  • Depending on the role required, being invited to participate in mid year or end of year medical student examinations - 3 hours
  • Being invited to participate in student teaching sessions requiring simulated patients - variable times
  • You can choose to have as much or as little involvement as you like!

If you are interested in becoming a simulated patient, please contact the coordinator, Pam Harvey by phone (03 5440 9083) or email

Simulated patients in Churchill

If you would like to become a simulated patient, please contact Susan Smith by phone: (03 9902 7280) or email