Final year aged care placements in Mildura

Aged care

Rotations 1,2,3,4,5,6

Up to 4 students per rotation

Mildura Base Hospital and Jacaranda Village (Aged Care Facility)

Clinical Supervisors:

Dr Vasant Mani, Dr Terry Cook, Dr Barnabas Mavo, Dr Krishna Rachakonda, Dr Manoj Gupta

You will primarily spend time attached to medical teams on the wards of Mildura Base Hospital as the majority of the inpatients are aged over 60. This general medical placement will allow you to consolidate your learnings about chronic disease, poly-pharmacy and multiple diagnoses, and you will generally participate in ACAS assessments and family meetings. You will also be able to participate in the ward rounds and activities in the general medical wards. In addition, you will spend up to one week at a local aged care facility, Jacaranda Village, gaining exposure to both low and high dependency care patients.  There will also be opportunity to present teaching sessions to the nursing staff at Jacaranda, and to experience the ethics and documentation around not-for-resuscitation orders and pre-emptive orders.

Students will also be rostered and attached to:

  • Aged Care Assessment Service (ACAS)
  • VCAT Guardianship hearings,
  • “Meals on Wheels” delivery service
  • Aged Care Facility
  • Mildura Base Hospital Community Services
  • Sunraysia Community Health Services programs

The student experience in aged care

"I completed my fifth year aged care rotation as my first rotation in Mildura, and it honestly ended up being one of the best rotations of my year. I was definitely a bit hesitant about spending time in Mildura at first due to the distance from all my friends and family, but all of the staff at the clinical school, the hospital and my fellow students really made my rotation so special. It was great to have the opportunity to get to know these people outside of just a clinical setting, and I have created some lasting friendships from the short six weeks I was there. All of the staff at the hospital, including consultants, were all incredibly approachable and eager to teach, and the varied experiences including community placements that you are privy to whilst on your aged care rotation, really allow you to get an insight into the many factors impacting the health of our elderly population. All round it is an amazing rotation- great people, valuable learning experiences, lasting memories and to top it all off, it literally took me two minutes to walk from my room to the ward every morning- think of all the extra sleep!"

"I think the highlight for me has been Dr Mavo. He's a fantastic doctor with wonderful patient skills and a tremendous keenness to teach. He'll challenge you and support you when you are wrong - which is the best kind of supervisor. He is also a very thorough clinician with a holistic approach to his patients and families.

Another really beneficial experience has been on TCP. It was such a great opportunity to appreciate and understand what the allied health team members do and to get a greater understanding of the patient as a whole. It was a wonderful experience to spend time with the patients in their homes and those preparing to return to home. Working with the allied health staff gave me a greater appreciation of the social determinants of health and the aspects in other areas of their lives that nurses or medical staff may not see which can influence their health."  

"I thoroughly enjoyed being in Mildura for my Aged Care Rotation. The facilities at Mildura Base Hospital are exceptional, and although it is a small hospital, I felt that the close-knit teams allowed for positive, encouraging and supportive dynamics.

The rotation itself had a wide array of placement opportunities, from local nursing homes, to council placements. I even had enough time to explore the local area and enjoy all that Mildura has to offer a fleeting visitor!

The rural school staff are highly supportive and flexible, going above and beyond to ensure that students get maximum benefit from their placements. Overall, I had a very positive placement experience and would highly recommend this rotation to future medical students."

"Aged Care in Mildura is a very diverse experience, the placements include in-patient ward rounds, community health, hospital outreach programs, residential facilities and the aged care assessment service. This means that the 6 weeks are never dull and all of the different placements complement each other well, resulting in a high quality of learning. Dr Mavo is a fantastic resource, and he provides a great example of the way in which to approach geriatric patients. Being part of a general medical team means the added bonus of some revision of acute medical management; there is also the opportunity to participate in the medical education sessions run by the hospital. All in all it is a wonderful rotation, and if anything takes your particular interest, the staff at the Mildura clinical school are very accommodating and help to organise your timetable accordingly."   

Further information is available by contacting Ms Jenny Timmis or telephone 5022 5521