Final year anaesthetics placements in Mildura


Rotations 2,3,4,5,6

One student per rotation

Mildura Base Hospital

Clinical supervisor:  Dr. Alison Walker, Director of Anaesthetics/ICU, and Director of Medical Services.

There are five specialist anaesthetists, and one GP anaesthesia trainee working in the department.

Anaesthesia is an extremely hands-on practical specialty and the majority of your time will be spent in theatres.  You will be rostered to be with an anaesthetist on their list gaining experience in intubation, cannulation, anaesthetic techniques and protocols.  You will also spend time in recovery with the nursing staff, get exposure to ICU, and pain rounds.

The student experience in anaesthetics

"In rotation three of 2017, I was placed at Mildura for my anaesthetics rotation. I thoroughly enjoyed this rotation and would recommend it to anyone, not just for those interested in anaesthetics.

The anaesthetics rotation at Mildura is extremely hands-on and gives you the opportunity to learn, develop, and refine practical skills which will no doubt be of benefit during internship and beyond. Practical skills include IV cannulation and airway management (basic airway manoeuvres, use of airway devices including oro/nasopharyngeal airways, and insertion of laryngeal-mask airways and endotracheal tubes). All the staff that you will be working with are extremely supportive and patient and will gladly teach you.

A general day on anaesthetics is spent in theatre where you will shadow an anaesthetist or GP anaesthetist. On this rotation, shadowing does not just involve standing around and being ignored. On the contrary, the anaesthetist will involve you in the care of the patient. You will learn how to draw up drugs, perform an anaesthetic machine check, and perform a pre-anaesthetic assessment. With experience, you will be given responsibilities (under supervision) including IV cannulation, induction, airway management, and intraoperative titration of medications. On this rotation, you may also have the opportunity to spend time in the post-anaesthetic care unit as well as accompanying an anaesthetist on pain rounds which offer a unique insight into the management of post-operative pain.

From a more general perspective, Mildura is a great place to go for a rotation. The accommodation for fifth years is literally a stone's throw away from the hospital which makes early morning starts more pleasant. The staff at both the hospital and clinical school are all very friendly and welcoming and want you to have the best experience during your time there. The town of Mildura offers many opportunities. Despite being in Mildura during the internship job application period, those of us here found time to explore the sights in and around Mildura. These include visiting local restaurants, cafes, and bars, local wineries, weekend farmers' markets, and natural attractions including the river, sandhills, and botanical gardens (in NSW)." Allan Yang

"The Anaesthetics rotation at Mildura is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in exploring Anaesthetics as a specialty. Throughout the six weeks I was able to experience the full range of Anaesthetic procedures including airway management from bag and mask to ETT, dosing and administration of Anaesthetic drugs, and post op care and management. With the guidance of the experienced consultants and registrars I was very quickly able to understand and perform each step of the Anaesthetic process from start to finish. Furthermore in the latter weeks as my skills developed, I was even given the opportunity, under guidance, to manage patients from pre op to induction, which is a very fulfilling experience. Also if you feel at all uncomfortable with cannulas, after this rotation you’ll be able to cannulate a rock with a straw. This is a solid rotation and an excellent opportunity for those interested in Anaesthetics." Tahsin Ali

Further information can be obtained from Ms Jenny Timmis or telephone 5022 5521