Final year emergency medicine placements in Mildura

Emergency medicine

Rotations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Up to 4 students per rotation

Mildura Base Hospital Emergency Department

Clinical Supervisor: Dr. Arvind Byka

MBH ED sees about 29,000 patients per annum. You will always be attached with a FACEM, and be rostered over various shifts to experience the ED and its differing resources at different times of the day. Mildura Base Hospital has both short-stay and fast-track units, and each student will spend dedicated time in these areas. Students are also encouraged to asses their own patients. You will be encouraged to attend hospital-based training sessions plus the MED5102 Patient Safety modules held every Tuesday in RMH Simulation laboratory.

The student experience in emergency medicine

"I had a great time in Mildura. I spent six weeks working in the emergency department and I don't think I could have asked for a better experience; I did so many procedures, hands-on activities, and presented each of the many patients I saw on my own to the consultant on duty. This really helped me consolidate my practical and clinical skills as well as boosting my confidence levels.

The clinical school has arguably one of the best facilities I've seen anywhere for simulation sessions and training. The number of scenarios they can simulate for us to practice on is impressive. They even use it for the emergency registrars to practice for their fellowship exam. It's that good.

Living in the Tin Shed was also a great way to get to know some of your fellow final years. We had so much fun there partly because we also get to hang out not only with third and fourth year students, but also interns, residents, and even registrars!

Mildura itself is a great little place to spend six weeks at. It's nowhere near as gloomy as Melbourne and there are lots to things to see and do in and around Mildura, which makes for awesome weekend trips. The farmer's market is always a nice place to check out every alternate weekend. For those of you with a bit more energy, there's a gym with sauna and pool, tennis clubs, and soccer clubs that you can join during your time there.

I had a blast in Mildura and I would definitely recommend coming here for a rotation."Edward Adi Pranoto, Year 5D