Scholarly Intensive Placements (SIP)

Combine clinical experience with a SIP rotation. Many School of Rural Health SIPs provide you the opportunity for an additional clinical placement while you learn alongside skilled clinicians and internationally renowned researchers. Others will give you an insight into major public health research projects.

Examples of projects

Public health research based
Alcohol and other drugs (VMAX) Bendigo
Public health  (Hazelwood Health Study) Churchill
Hospital based
Anaesthetics Traralgon
Emergency medicine Bairnsdale | Bendigo | Mildura | Sale
General medicine Bendigo | Sale | Traralgon
Palliative care Bendigo
Regional cancer services Bendigo
Renal medicine Bendigo
Surgery Leongatha | Sale
General practice based
Chronic disease (e.g. diabetes) - general practice South Gippsland
(clinics in Foster, Yarram, Wonthaggi, Korumburra)
Stroke (general practice) Bendigo

Project locations


The SIP rotation at Bairnsdale Regional Health Service (BRHS) will be in the emergency department. This offers a rare opportunity to complete an additional ED placement while gaining experience in project work. Students will assist ED staff in conducting a quality improvement audit, while gaining additional clinical exposure in a thriving and supportive emergency department.

Best thing that ever happened to a city boy. Tim's experience in Bairnsdale (1:50 mins)


SIP projects in Bendigo will be based at Bendigo Health and its affiliated health services, in general practice and at Monash University. We have projects situated in the renal, medical and palliative care units of Bendigo's public hospital; and at the Loddon Mallee Integrated Cancer Services (LMICS), a unit within the hospital that facilitates the implementation of cancer policy and improvements to cancer services in the region. SIPs in many of the hospital units and in general practice may involved up to 50 per cent clinical time each week. Students will also be able to do a SIP on VMAX – a longitudinal study of people who use methamphetamine . In addition to understanding this large study and the implications for clinical practice, students will work alongside internationally renowned researchers.


SIP rotations in Churchill are focussed on the Hazelwood Health Study. This is a ten-year longitudinal research program looking at the impacts on the health and wellbeing of people who lived near the Hazelwood mine fire in 2014. Students will work on dissemination of research findings in print, online and via video to the Latrobe Valley community; and the impacts of pollution on child development (those born just before or after the mine fire).


Gippsland Southern Health Service (GSHS) will be offering a SIP rotation in Leongatha. Students will spend up to 50% of their time based in the surgical unit enhancing their clinical skills. The rest of the time will be spent working alongside a health professional conducting a quality improvement audit across multiple areas of GSHS. This SIP rotation will provide an exceptional opportunity to experience several clinical areas of a health service while working closely with an experienced healthcare professional.


SIP rotations in Mildura will be based in the emergency department of Mildura Base Hospital, which serves an area of over 22,000 square kilometres including areas of NSW and SA. Students will spend time rostered between clinical placements and scholarly intensive activities.

A SIP in Mildura could give you more clinical time in ED. Here's what one student thought. (1:10 mins)


SIP rotations on offer in Sale will be based at Central Gippsland Health (CGH) and a local general practice clinic. They all include a clinical component and allow the student to have an immersive clinical experience that will complement their project. Clinical placements on offer will be in the emergency department, the medical unit, the surgical unit and a GP clinic. SIPs in these areas will focus on quality improvement and will be made up of projects and audits. Students undertaking their SIPs rotation at Sale will have a unique opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary team and continue to enhance their clinical skills.

South Gippsland

Several rural general practice clinics are offering SIP placements in the beautiful and picturesque South Gippsland region, in Foster, Yarram, Wonthaggi and Korumburra. Students will have the opportunity to integrate themselves into the team at the GP clinic as they get to practise clinically and undertake a quality improvement project with dedicated and passionate supervisors. SIP rotations in the GP clinics will focus on quality improvement and educational initiatives for the GP practice where the students are placed, which will help inform and improve patient care and outcomes.


Students who take up a SIP rotation in Traralgon will have the privilege of completing these at Latrobe Regional Hospital (LRH). SIP placements will be available in anaesthetics and medical at LRH, where the student will be able to gain valuable hands-on experience while completing their rotation. SIPs rotations at LRH are focused on quality improvement audits that aim to improve knowledge translation between clinical practice and patient outcomes. Students will work with dynamic and enthusiastic teams in both project work and in the clinical field.

A SIP in Traralgon could give you more clinical time. Here's what Olivia thought of her Year 4C placement there. (1:30 mins)