Year 2 medicine

Medicine Year 2 rural program

All Year 2 medical students take part in a two week rural placement as part of the Monash medical program Year 2 curriculum. This rural placement has a focus on clinical practice and involvement in community activities. The student cohort is divided into two groups. Half complete their placement in semester one (April/May) and the other half in semester two (August/September). Over 150 students are placed in 12 rural towns throughout Victoria each semester. The Year 2 program outlined below is delivered at each site.

Program objectives

After participating in the Year 2 rural health placement, students will be able to:

  • recognise the importance of place to health, illness, injury and health service delivery
  • describe the health, illness, community services and facilities available in a rural location
  • recognise how rural health differs across gender, age, race and sexual orientation and
  • compare and contrast medicine in a rural context with their (personal) metropolitan experiences to date.


Accommodation options include cabins, holiday apartments and motels depending on the location of your placements. All accommodation is organised by Monash Rural Health.

Code of conduct

Students on rural placements in Year 2 are operating in a workplace and community environment and are expected to behave as medical professionals. Student behaviour reflects on the University and must be compatible with the personal characteristics expected in a medical practitioner. Students must follow the expectations and instructions of their tutor/supervisor and not deviate from these without the approval of the tutor/supervisor. This includes compliance with occupational health and safety requirements. The Year 2 code of conduct outlines the school's expectations of students on rural placements.


Bursaries are available to help defray the costs for students of the Year 2 rural placement based on location.


Bursary forms are available from Year 2 coordinators at each site.