Year 5D

Year 5D placements

Year 5D transitions students into the medical workplace as trainee interns. It is structured as a series of six six-week clinical rotations in aged care, emergency medicine, medicine, surgery,  a specialty, and an elective rotation.

Any one or more of these can be undertaken in rural locations in either the north-west or south-east regions. This gives students an opportunity to experience rural practice in their final year. All students must complete at least four weeks in a rural location during their five-year course. A final year rotation allows all students to meet this requirement.

Accommodation is provided close to the hospitals at a subsidised rental. (See the student policies page for details.)

Rural placements are open to all Monash medical students as well as final year students from other universities in Australia and overseas.
See the regional clinical training site websites for details of their final year programs and accommodation.

South-east rural placements


Rotations are based at either the West Gippsland Healthcare Group in Warragul or the Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon

  • general medicine (Warragul and Traralgon)
  • general surgery (Warragul and Traralgon)
  • emergency medicine (Warragul and Traralgon)
  • aged care (Warragul and Traralgon)
  • speciality - anaesthetics (Traralgon)

Contact the Gippsland Year 5D coordinators with questions about final year rotations in Warragul and Traralgon.

East Gippsland

Rotations are based at Bass Coast Regional Health in Wonthaggi, Bairnsdale Regional Health Service in Bairnsdale, Central Gippsland Health Service in Sale, Gippsland Southern Health Service in Leongatha and smaller communities in the region.

  • general medicine (Sale and Bairnsdale)
  • general surgery (Sale, Bairnsdale, Leongatha, Wonthaggi)
  • emergency medicine (Sale, Bairnsdale, Wonthaggi)
  • aged care (Bairnsdale, Heyfield)
  • speciality
    radiology (Sale)
    rural general practice (Sale, Heyfield, Lakes Entrance, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville)

Contact the Bairnsdale Year 5D coordinator with questions about final year rotations in Bairnsdale.
Contact the Sale Year 5D coordinators with questions about final year rotations in Sale.

North-west rural placements

Rotations in the north-west are open to all Monash medical students, as well as students from other Australian and overseas universities.

Extended Rural Cohort students who have been based in the north-west for their first two clinical years, spend two rotations in the north-west. Another two clinical rotations are undertaken at large tertiary metropolitan hospitals. The remaining rotations can be undertaken in Melbourne or any other location in Australia. Students are able to undertake a final year clinical rotation at Monash University, Malaysia or at another overseas institution which meets the University’s requirements.


Rotations in Mildura are based at the Mildura Base Hospital:

  • aged care
  • emergency medicine
  • general surgery
  • speciality
    Indigenous health
    pain/palliative care/oncology
    researching contemporary rural health issues

Contact the Mildura Year 5D coordinator with questions about final year rotations in Mildura.


Rotations in Bendigo are based at Bendigo Health:

  • aged care
  • emergency medicine
  • medicine
    internal medicine
    renal medicine
  • general surgery
  • speciality
    intensive care/anaesthetics
    palliative care

Contact the Bendigo Year 5D coordinator with questions about final year rotations in Bendigo.

Summary of Year 5D rural placement options

Legend Offered (with additional locations noted) Not offered
North-west Latrobe Valley &
West Gippsland
East & South Gippsland
Bendigo Mildura Warragul Traralgon Sale South Gippsland Bairnsdale
Core rotations
Aged care      Heyfield   
Emergency medicine       Wonthaggi  
Medicine - general        
Medicine - cardiology        
Medicine - renal        
Surgery - general       Leongatha, Wonthaggi  
Anaesthetics Combined anaesthics, intensive care       
Intensive care       
Indigenous health        
Oncology  Combined oncology, pain, palliative care      
Palliative care       
Researching contemporary rural health issues        
Rural general practice      Sale, Heyfield   Lakes Entrance, Omeo, Orbost, Paynesville
Surgery - orthopaedics        
Surgery - urology