Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons)

The Bachelor of Medical Science (Hons) is an academic honours program for medical students which provides a structured research year for students who have completed at least Year 3B of their course. The Monash Rural Health offers opportunities for regional and rural-based research projects in both north-west and south-east Victoria.

Mnash Rural Health’s partnerships with hospitals, health services and practitioners across Victoria mean we can also offer clinical research projects in disciplines ranging from intensive care to mental health to pharmacology and ophthalmology, in locations from Bendigo to Bairnsdale.

Dr Jason Fletcher, Director ICU at Bendigo Health, talks about research opportunities for BMedSc (Hons) students.

Research areas

Our long-established research program is designed to contribute to an  evidence base for improving health and health services in rural areas.  For over 20 years we have worked in the areas of access to rural primary  health care, sustainable rural health workforce and development, and  population health.

If you have a your own project in mind, you can also contact one of  our coordinators to help you assess the project's feasibility and create  a local supervision team.

Library support

Each Monash Rural Health training site is associated with a hospital library which is usually available to Monash students during and after hours. Librarians are available during the library's open hours to assist students. Monash students have continued access to all the university's libraries and databases.

Nicholas Dewhurst talks about his experience doing a BMedSc (Hons) in Bendigo

Regional opportunities

Opportunities exist across  north-west and south-east Victoria for suitable projects.