2017 journal articles accepted for publication/in-press

Alindogan M, Ristevski E & Robinson A (In Press). "A cross-sectional analysis of local government health and wellbeing plans and priorities in Victoria, Australia." Australian Journal of Primary Health
Hine R, Maybery D & Goodyear M (In Press). "Challenges of connectedness in personal recovery for rural mothers with mental illness." International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
Isobel S, Goodyear M & Foster K (In Press). "Psychological trauma in the context of familial relationships: A concept analysis." Trauma, Violence & Abuse (Online): a review journal.
Khalil H (In Press). Diabetes microvascular complications—A clinical update, Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews
Khalil H, Cullen M, Chambers H & McGrail M (In Press). Medications affecting healing: An evidence-based analysis, International Wound Journal
Khalil V, Danninger M, Wang W & Khalil H (In Press). "An audit of adherence to heart failure guidelines in an Australian hospital: a pharmacist perspective." Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice
Leach M, Pratt N, & Roughead E. (In Press). The Risk of Hip Fracture Due to Mirtazapine Exposure When Switching Antidepressants or Using Other Antidepressants as Add-On Therapy, Drugs - Real World Outcomes
Marston N, Maybery D & Reupert A. (In Press). Parent perceptions comparing times of parental mental wellness and illness using a family functioning model, Journal of Family Studies
May J, Walker J, McGrail M & Rolley F (In Press). It’s more than money: Policy options to secure medical specialist workforce for regional centres, Australian Health Review
McGrail M, Russell D & Humphreys J (In Press). Rural health service planning: The importance of how 'access' to primary health care is measured, Australian Health Review
Naughton J, Carroll M, Basu S & Maybery D (In Press). "Clinical change after the implementation of the Choice and Partnership Approach within an Australian Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service." Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
O'Sullivan B, McGrail M & Russell D (In Press). "Rural specialists: the nature of their work and professional satisfaction by geographic location of work." Australian Journal of Rural Health
Reupert A, Price-Robertson R & Maybery D (In Press). "Parenting as a Focus of Recovery: A Systematic Review of Current Practice." Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal
Smith T, Sutton K, Pit S, Muyambi K, Terry D, Farthing A, Courtney C & Cross M (In Press). "Health professional students’ rural placement satisfaction and rural practice intentions: A national cross-sectional survey." Australian Journal of Rural Health.

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