2017 journal articles accepted for publication/in-press

Carroll V, Mansour R, Humphreys J, Wakerman J, Carter M & Reeve C (In Press). Reducing primary health care outpatient "did not attends": Responding to community preferences, Australian Journal of Rural Health
Chisholm M &    Ward B (In Press). 'Older men's experiences of accessing general practitioner services in rural areas', Australian    Journal of Rural Health
Cooper B, Crase L & Maybery D (In Press). Pushing the Governance Boundaries: Making Transparent the Role of Water Utilities in Managing Urban Waterways, Water    Resources Management
Gilligan C, Ward B, Kippen R, Buykx P & Chapman K (In Press). Acceptability of alcohol supply to children – associations with adults’ own age of initiation and social norms, Health    Promotion Journal of Australia
Ha F, Thong L & Khalil H (In Press). "Quality of life after intestinal resection in patients with Crohn Disease: A systematic review." Digestive Surgery
Khalil H (In Press). Diabetes microvascular complications—A clinical update, Diabetes    & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research & Reviews
Isaacs A, Sutton    K, Hearn S, Wanganeen G & Dudgeon P. (In Press). Health workers' views of help seeking and suicide among Aboriginal people in rural Victoria, Australian Journal of Rural Health
Marston N, Maybery    D & Reupert A. (In Press). Parent perceptions comparing times of parental mental wellness and illness using a family functioning model, Journal    of Family Studies
May J, Walker J, McGrail M & Rolley F (In Press). It’s more than money: Policy options to secure medical specialist workforce for regional centres, Australian Health Review
McGrail M &    Russell D (In Press). Australia's rural medical workforce: Supply from its medical schools against career stage, gender and rural-origin, Australian Journal of Rural Health
McGrail M, Russell D & Humphreys J (In Press). "Index of Access: a new innovative and dynamic tool for rural health service and workforce planning." Australian Health Review
McGrail M,    Russell D & Humphreys J (In Press). Rural health service planning: The importance of how 'access' to primary health care is measured, Australian Health Review
O'Sullivan B, McGrail M & Russell D (In Press). "Rural specialists: the nature of their work and professional satisfaction by geographic location of work." Australian Journal of Rural Health
O'Sullivan B,    McGrail M & Stoelwinder J (In Press). Specialist outreach services in regional and remote Australia: Key drivers and policy implications, Medical Journal of Australia
Russell D &    McGrail M (In Press). How does the workload and work activities of procedural GPs compare to those of non-procedural GPs? , Australian    Journal of Rural Health

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