2016 Publications

B1 Book Chapters - Commercial Publisher
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C1 Refereed Articles
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E1 Conference Publication: full written paper refereed
A3 Book Editorship & Edited Compilation
Mendes P & Snow P (2016). Young people transitioning from out-of-home care, Palgrave McMillian, London UK
B2 Non-Commercial Publisher
Tham R & Ward B (2016). Rural health systems: spotlight on equity and access, Understanding the Australian health care system, Elsevier,  pp: 139-152
B/NR - Book Chapter Non-research Scholarly Book Chapters
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C1 Late - Journal article - Refereed Scholarly
C2 Journal article - Other Refereed
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C3 Non-refereed Journal Article
C4 Journal Article – Letter or Note
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E4 Conference Publication – Extract of Paper or Abstract
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KO Research Reports: Commissioned by Government or Industry
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O Other Publication Categories
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