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Attar W, Soomro N, Sinclair P, Pappas E & Sanders R (2017). Effect of Injury Prevention Programs that Include the Nordic Hamstring Exercise on Hamstring Injury Rates in Soccer Players: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, Sports Medicine, 47(5): 907-916
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Khalil H & Schliephake K (2017). "Design of an online medication safety module for clinicians." International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 15(2): 63-68
Isaacs A, Sutton K, Dalziel K & Maybery D (2017). Outcomes of a care coordinated service model for persons with severe and persistent mental illness: A qualitative study, International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 63(1): 40-47
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Manning V, Garfield J, Best D, Berends L, Room R, Mugavin J, Larner A, Lam T, Buykx P & et al (2017). Substance use outcomes following treatment: Findings from the Australian Patient Pathways StudyAustralian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 51(2): 177-189
Marshall S, Leo C, Girling J, Tare M, Beard S, Hannan N, & Parry L. (2017). Relaxin treatment reduces angiotensin II-induced vasoconstriction in pregnancy and protects against endothelial dysfunction, Biology of Reproduction, 96(4): 895-906
Mate K, Magin P, Brodaty H, Stocks N, Gunn J, Disler P, Marley J & Pond C (2017). An evaluation of the additional benefit of population screening for dementia beyond a passive case-finding approachInternational Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 32(3): 316-323
McGrail M, Wingrove P, Petterson S, Humphreys J, Russell D & Bazemore A (2017). Measuring the attractiveness of rural communities in accounting for differences of rural primary care workforce supply,  Rural and Remote Health, 17: 3925
McGrail M, Wingrove P, Petterson S & Bazemore A (2017). "Mobility of US Rural Primary Care Physicians During 2000-2014." Annals of Family Medicine, 15(4): 322-328
O'Sullivan B, McGrail M & Stoelwinder J (2017). Reasons why specialist doctors undertake rural outreach services: an Australian cross-sectional study, Human Resources for Health, 15(3): 1-7
O'Sullivan B, McGrail M & Stoelwinder J (2017). Subsidies to target specialist outreach services into more remote locations: a national cross-sectional study, Australian Health Review, 41(3): 344-350
Reupert A, Williamson C & Maybery D (2017). How family orientated are primary care physicians?Journal of Child and Family Studies, 26(1): 329-335
Russell D, McGrail M & Humphreys J (2017). Determinants of rural Australian primary health care worker retention: A synthesis of key evidence and implications for policymaking, Australian Journal of Rural Health,  25(1): 5-14
Sutton K, Isaacs A, Dalziel K & Maybery D (2017). Roles and competencies of the key worker in Australia’s recovery oriented mental health initiative: A qualitative study from Gippsland, Victoria, Australian Health Review, 41(1): 91-97
Tchernegovski P, Maybery D & Reupert A (2017). Legislative policy to support children of parents with a mental illness: Revolution or evolution? International Journal of Mental Health Promotion, 19(1): 1-13
Todd A, Carroll M, Russell D & Mitchell E (2017). A prospective survey of chiropractic student experiences with pediatric care and variability of case mix while on clinical placement in RarotongaThe Journal of Chiropractic Education, 31(1): 14-19
Walters L, McGrail M, Carson D, Russell D, O'Sullivan B, Strasser R, Hays R, Kamien M (2017) Where to next for rural general practice policy and research in Australia? Medical Journal of Australia, 207(2): 56-58
E1 Conference Publication: full written paper refereed
Khalil H, Parr J & Waller S (2017). The development of medication management practice guidelines for nurses working with palliative care clients, 14th National Rural Health Conference, Cairns QLD, National Rural Health Alliance
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Khalil H (2017). "High concentration topical capsaicin for chronic neuropathic pain." Australian Pharmacist, 28-29
Khalil H, Shamliyan T & Middleton M (2017). Interventions for Community-Dwelling Patients with Multiple Chronic Illnesses, The American Journal of Medicine, 130(2): 148-152
Khalil H (2017). Melatonin for sleep disturbances in dementia, Australian Pharmacist, 36(1):27
Khalil H (2017). "Pharmacological interventions for managing acute pancreatitis." Australian Pharmacist, 58-59
Khalil H (2017). The effectiveness of vitamin E for managing mild cognitive impairment and AD, Australian Pharmacist, 40-41
Khalil H (2017). "The triple C (consultation, collaboration and consolidation) model: A way forward to sustainability of evidence into practice." International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare, 15(2): 40-42
C3 Non-refereed Journal Article
C4 Journal Article – Letter or Note
Baizer J & Reser D (2017). Introduction to the JCN Special Issue on the Claustrum, Journal of Comparative Neurology, 525(6): 1315-1316
E4 Conference Publication – Extract of Paper or Abstract
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Brotchie K, Bullock S, Shuttleworth M, Rossetti C, Somers G & Black J (2017). Effectiveness of focusing on “normal” to reduce cognitive load and facilitate clinical skills learning in the pre-clinical setting, APMEC Singapore
Brotchie K, Shuttleworth M, Rossetti C, Black J & Bullock S (2017). 'Revisiting the abdominal examination: Encouraging deliberate practice using spiral learning in a flipped classroom', 7th International Clinical Skills Conference, Italy
McGrail M, O'Sullivan B, Russell D & Scott A (2017). Solving Australia's rural medical workforce shortage, Melbourne University, pp: 1-4