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Prospective PhD supervisors are marked with an asterisk (*).See listing by location.

NamePositionResearch interestsContact
David BirksSenior LecturerMedical education, non technical skills, anatomy, work based
+613 5122 7554 
Associate Professor Shane Bullock*Associate ProfessorMedical education, evaluation, assessment and student
+613 5122 7391 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Adele CallaghanSenior Lecturer & PhD studentInterpretive qualitative research, constructivist and constructionist theory, simulation and transition to practice in medicine, clinical skills in medical education, curriculum development and evaluation
+613 5440 9063 
Dr Matthew Carroll*Senior Research FellowHealthy ageing, lifelong learning, social isolation and older people, aged and community care, sleep and ageing, older people and climate
+613 5122 7604 
Jennie CaseyLecturerInterprofessional education, educating medical students in aged care, the role of alternative therapies in mainstream
+613 9902 7248 
Marnie ConnollySenior LecturerSimulation, resuscitation, longitudinal clinical placements, interprofessional
+613 5150 3615 
Dr Angelo D'Amore*Senior LecturerCardiovascular, continuing education, education and pedagogy, health promotion, learning styles, primary health care, program evaluation, rural education, rural health, rural health workforce shortageangelo.d'
+613 9902 7188 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Dr Melinda Goodyear*Research FellowParenting, family mental health, family resilience, mental health workforce, translation to
+613 990 56115 
Dr Jane GreacenSenior LecturerGeneral practice, occupational
+613 5150 3613 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Bill HaighAssistant LecturerMedical education in general, rural medical education delivery models, remote delivery of medical education, simulation training manikin, simulation training virtual, telehealth delivery
+613 5122 7595 
Dr Cathy Haigh*Senior LecturerLearning in the clinical workplace, assessment in the clinical workplace, development of clinical reasoning skills, patient
+613 5122 7238 
Pam HarveyLecturerMedical Education, clinical communication, simulated patients and health humanities, communication in healthcare and advanced care
+613 5440 9083 
Associate Professor Chris HolmesAssociate ProfessorClinical research: anaemia in chronic dialysis patients, Educational research: attitudes to learning in newly graduated medical practitioners, clinical skills development and simulated learning
+613 5440 9032 
Emeritus Professor John HumphreysEmeritus ProfessorRural-urban health differences and the pattern of need for health care in rural areas, rural health workforce supply, recruitment and retention, the provision of sustainable primary health care services in rural areas, the evaluation of rural health planning and
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Dr Anton Isaacs*Senior LecturerMental health services research, aboriginal suicide
+613 5122 7236 
Dr Hanan Khalil*Senior LecturerEvidence-based healthcare, medication management in aged care, diabetes
+613 5128 1013 
Associate Professor Rebecca Kippen*Associate Professor of Demography (Research)Demography, life course analysis, mortality, population forecasting, population studies, rural health, sex selection
+613 5440 9018 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Professor Robyn Langham*Professor & Head of SchoolThe molecular analysis of human kidney diseases, establishing opportunities for translational research and on the development of new therapies for the treatment of chronic kidney
+613 9905 5900 
Sarah LeeResearch AssistantFamilies affected by parental mental illness, trauma and treatment and outcomes of people with common mental
+613 5128 1027 
Anne LevershaSenior LecturerMedical education, pharmacy education, rural
+613 9903 9620 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Professor Darryl Maybery*Professor Rural Mental HealthTheoretical and applied research in relation to families where a parent has a mental illness, rural mental health and
+613 5128 1017 
Dr Adelle McArdleLecturerBreastfeeding and issues surrounding breastfeeding including lactational mastitis, developmental origins of health and adult disease, maternal and child health, medical education
+613 5122 7656 
Dr Eleanor Mitchell*LecturerRural and indigenous health, primary health care and population health, community and health program evaluations, interprofessional learning, learning styles, teaching and pedagogy in higher education, research translation,evidence informed
+613 5122 7187 
Dr Belinda O'Sullivan*Research FellowRural health policy, health systems, workforce training and development, recruitment and retention, rural health service models and program 
+613 5440 9062 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Dr David ReserLecturerClaustrum, functional networks, sensory systems, cerebral cortex,
+613 9902 7393 
Dr Eli Ristevski*LecturerCancer care, supportive care in cancer, cancer survivorship, chronic disease management, health service policy and practice, implementation science, qualitative research 
+613 5128 1005 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Dr Margaret Simmons*LecturerRural health, narrative analysis and less traditional forms of representation, gender and rural issues, ageing and notions of home and
+613 5122 7257 
Dr Keith Sutton*ResearcherRural mental health workforce, mental health workforce, recovery, social inclusion, mental health
+613 5128 1031 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Dr Marianne Tare*LecturerDevelopmental origins of health and disease, Local and regional regulation of vascular tone, maternal and child health, medical education, vascular
+613 5122 7485 
Jenny TimmisLecturer
+613 5440 9009 
NamePositionResearch interestsContact
Professor Judi Walker*ProfessorRural health ageing, rural medical education, rural health workforce, rural health services, interprofessional education and practice, rural health innovations and
+613 990 20466 
Dr Susan Waller*Senior LecturerInterprofessional, collaboration, paediatric physiotherapy, disability, clinical education, rural health, comunity health, chronic disease management,
+613 5128 1025
Dr Bernadette Ward*Senior Research FellowAlcohol and young people, access and integration in primary health care, health services research capacity building, rural and remote
+613 5440 9064 
Dr Anthony WellerSenior LecturerPreventive medicine, paediatrics, palliative care, simulation education,
+613 5440 9097 
Associate Professor Fiona WrightAssociate ProfessorHealth workforce development, especially in rural areas, rural health service provision/
+613 5022 5529 

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