Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre Bendigo

Control desk of hi-fidelity sim ward in Bendigo

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre (CSSC) in Bendigo is a unit of laboratory classrooms for teaching clinical skills readying students to take these new skills into the clinical setting. As students develop, classroom activities also focus on honing more subtle skills encompassing teamwork, clinical reasoning and decision making using high fidelity simulation exercises for patient based clinical scenarios.

Teaching staff

CSSC lecturing staff are well experienced clinicians from both medicine and nursing offering education befitting a clinically applied profession.

Dr Jo HardingDr Jo Harding
PhD(MedSci); MN; DipNurs(1980):RN; GCCritCare; GCRetrieval&Trauma; GCTertiaryTchg; CertGriefCounsllg; CertHlthStats
Manager: Senior Lecturer, 0.8 EFT

Jo is a senior lecturer, manages the CSSC, and is the clinical skills lead for Year 2 medical students.
Jo began her career in 1977. Since then she has gained extensive experience in the fields of critical care & air rescue retrieval, and later academia including curriculum design. As an Army veteran Jo advised in the corporate world designing healthcare capability for the military deployed space. For her PhD, she moved disciplines to medical science in the 2000’s, working with Defence Science Technology as the Injury Scientist during Australia’s Afghanistan campaign. Jo holds an honorary position with University of Ulster (UK). Jo’s research interests include explosives blast injury, veteran’s health, clinical education and impacts on health professional’s workforce.
Cameron KnottDr Cameron Knott
MBBS (Hons); GDipClinUS; MClinEd; FCICM; FRACP
Academic Lead: Senior Lecturer, 0.2 EFT

Cameron is a senior lecturer and the academic lead of the CSSC, supporting the clinical medical student program at Bendigo. Cameron works as an intensive care physician in intensive care units in Bendigo Health and the Austin Hospital, Heidelberg. He holds an honorary appointment with the University of Melbourne.
Cameron holds a Master of Clinical Education with a thesis in clinical simulation faculty development. Cameron’s research interests centre around person-centred healthcare system redesign aimed at improved workplace interprofessional team performance and safe consumer-centred healthcare and improved system performance. He is also interested in the integration of digital health and collaborative data science in these areas.
Renee GallagherMs Renee Gallagher
BN: RN; MN(CritCare); GCClinTchg
Lecturer, 0.4 EFT

Renee is a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the Emergency Department at Bendigo Health. She has over 10 years’ experience in critical care nursing in emergency care, and leads our Year 3B clinical curriculum for medical students. Renee also manages our student database using Qualtrics.
Gabrielle JonesMs Gabrielle Jones
BN: RN; GCCritCare; GradDipClinTchg
Lecturer, 0.4 EFT

Gabby has 12 years’ experience in emergency care and intensive Care. She currently works in intensive care at Bendigo health, and leads our Year 5D clinical curriculum for medical students. Gabby is currently studying her Masters in Clinical Education
Lynne WanefaleaMs Lynne Wanefalea
BN: RN; MN(CritCare)
Lecturer, 0.4 EFT

Lynne is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with the  Emergency Department of Bendigo Health. She has over 10 years’ experience in critical care and emergency care, and leads our Year 4C clinical curriculum for medical students. Lynne is a strong advocate for health care education in developing nations. Recently Lynne travelled with a DFAT funding group to the Pacific Islands volunteering her time to offer innovative methods of triaging casualties in these small nations.


CSSC staff are supported by a multi-disciplined team of clinical expert sessional lecturers working within both the CSSC and various clinical settings.