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International students – online resources
Supporting transition to studying in FMNHS

Useful resources

Destination Monash

Handbook for  international students - information and advice on how to prepare for studying  at Monash and what to do when you arrive to settle in to study and living in  Melbourne.

Study Melbourne Centre (SMC)

SMC website has  useful advice and contacts for students new to Melbourne about emergency  information, study, costs of living and transport, housing, work, visas,  courses, scholarships.

SMC provides  free access to services for international students at the drop-in centre at  Southern Cross Station in the heart of Melbourne city.

Insider Guide - International Student Guides

Excellent resources and tips for international  students on a wide range of issues from pre-departure to arrival, making  friends, understanding Aussie slang, managing costs of living, finding work and  volunteering, plus Insider Guide to studying in Melbourne.  Students can also sign up for a 2 week Welcome to  Australia course and receive regular email tips and advice for new international  students

Australian  Federation of International Students

Student-led  student organisation with resources, information and events for international  students across Australia http://www.afis.org.au/

Language and Culture

  • CultureMate - All  international students studying in Victoria can sign up for free access to this  online resource on being a student and Australian culture.
  • ASCENT -  online program for  improving academic English (Monash University)
  • English  Connect - online and face-to-face programs at Monash. Sign up for  Let’s Chat sessions to practice your English and meet new people.


Download podcasts to practice your English listening skills and learn about Australian culture. For example, try:

Learning Aussie slang


Clinical placement communication skills

Clinically Speaking  - UTS focuses on English communication strategies for  students on clinical placement in Nursing.

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