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Paramedics like Simon Sawyer are at the frontline of medical care in the community. But no two days are alike. Working closely with emergency services and health professionals, they assess and care for patients and are called to respond to a range of scenarios. Unfortunately, family violence can be one of these.

Simon knew that many paramedics, like himself, felt they didn’t have the right skills and training on how to help these patients. Recognising an opportunity to improve paramedic practice and follow an interest in research, he decided to start a PhD. Throughout his research degree, Simon worked with expert researchers and clinicians to create new tools and world-first guidelines for paramedics. He even won Monash University’s Three Minute Thesis competition in 2017, showcasing the impact of his research. Adding a research degree to his clinical qualification expanded Simon's career opportunities, and he's now added the titles of researcher and lecturer to his resume. He currently works with first year paramedic students and is making an impact on the future workforce.

Watch Simon’s story below to discover how his work as a researcher is changing how ambulance services respond to family violence.

Discover careers in Paramedicine

With a Monash degree in paramedicine, you can pursue a range of exciting careers, including:

  • Paramedic: Paramedics provide emergency or unscheduled health care in the community, and are responsible for assessing patients, initiating care and determining the appropriate transport. You’ll need to think clearly and act quickly and be able to work with people from diverse backgrounds.  There’s also advanced paramedic roles – like Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) paramedics, Intensive Care paramedics and Air Ambulance paramedics, which require additional clinical training and experience.
  • Non-emergency patient transport officer: There’s growing opportunities in the non-emergency patient transport sector. You’ll be providing transport to stable patients between a health facility and their home, and may need to provide clinical care if their condition changes unexpectedly.
  • Researcher: New knowledge, through research, plays a crucial role in developing paramedic practice and improving paramedic welfare and improving patient outcomes. After completing a Bachelor of Paramedicine, your next step towards a career in paramedic research is completing an honour’s year or a Graduate Diploma in Health and Science Research.

Want a career that can take you places? There are opportunities for qualified Australian paramedics to work with the London Ambulance Service. A number of Monash paramedicine graduates are now making a difference with one of the busiest ambulance services in the world.

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