Ryan Parry

Ryan Parry

Ryan Parry

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Year commenced: 2018
  • Degree(s): Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice

Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice

“I joined Ambulance Victoria as a graduate paramedic in 2013. Soon after I accepted a job offer with the London Ambulance Service. During my two years there I worked in a general ambulance capability, on the Fast Response Unit as a single responder attending high priority cases, trained as a Cycle Response Unit paramedic, mentored and trained paramedic undergraduates and medical students from Imperial Health College on A&E rotation.

Since moving back to Melbourne, I work as a paramedic and clinical instructor for Ambulance Victoria and a teaching associate at Monash. My role involves mentoring and educating graduate paramedics throughout their graduate program. This involves conducting scenarios, educating and assessing various aspects of pathology, pharmacology, and skills. I love being able to help students learn and link advanced concepts of thinking and understanding - helping to build upon university foundations and help them on their way to qualifying as a paramedic.

I’m now studying a Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice at Monash University. Some of the most advanced and influential pre-hospital clinicians are located within Victoria - due to the historical nature of Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance paramedics in Ambulance Victoria. These paramedics utilise skills and interventions that are usually reserved for specialist doctors. This means that the teaching associates, lecturers and coordinators are among the best of their kind in the world. They're the ones that are creating such valuable content to learn - that won't be provided at this level interstate or overseas.

There isn't a single lecture I've watched that hasn't changed my practice as a paramedic for the better. The concepts that every on-road paramedic knows is well and truly built upon, and leads into a content that is expected for the intensive care paramedic.

Whilst studying the Master of Specialist Paramedic Practice at Monash will enable me to apply for a route into the Ambulance Victoria MICA program, I have no doubt that it has established a greater, wider and more specific understanding of paramedic practice. If it doesn't lead into the intensive care field, it could certainly aid me into other routes of the emergency health care system.

The options later in my career are numerous, and I look forward to seeing how the paramedic world evolves in the next decade and which new possibilities present themselves. Graduates of this degree will likely play a role in the future of our profession in modern emergency healthcare.”

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