Academic Progress Intervention Strategy Guidelines

These guidelines detail the progression rules for coursework students and are intended for Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences Student Service Officers and Academic Course Leaders and Advisors who deal with students who have failed these rules at the end of official semesters one and two. They reflect wider university policy as detailed in the links below.

Early Warning
All coursework students who fail 50% or more of their enrolled units in a standard semester, or 50% over two standard semesters, will be identified and sent a warning letter or email that includes referrals to course staff and other academic/personal support options. This can occur both mid-year, and at the end of year for students who have not already been referred on to the Academic Progress Committee.

Mid-year intervention
Students who commenced their studies mid-year will have their progression reviewed before they have completed three semesters of study. This review must be implemented (as a minimum,) after semester one (mid year) for students who:
* commenced mid-year in the previous year and
* have completed two semesters of study and
* have failed 50% or more of their enrolment.

Referral to Academic Progress Committee
A student will be sent a notice of referral and hearing by the faculty's academic progress committee at the end of the year if
* the student has completed at least two semesters of candidature and, in the period commencing in December of the previous year, passed less than 50% of enrolment;
* failed the same unit twice; or
* failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the faculty board under section 5 of Statute 6.2 or by an academic progress committee of the faculty.

The notice of referral and hearing requests a response from students as to the reasons for their failure and triggers a series of hearings where decisions are made regarding the future enrolment status of the student. Note: all students must respond to this notice of referral and risk being excluded from the faculty if they do not respond.

Responsibility for implementation
The Secretary of the Academic Progress Committee downloads data from Callista that identifies students in the above three categories at the end of the official semesters one and two. Data re Early Warning and Mid-year intervention, along with template letters is provided to course administrators for implementation. End of Year referral to Academic Progress Committee and associated procedures will be managed by the APC Secretary under the auspices of the APC Chair, the Deputy Dean (Education).

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