Feedback Policy

This defines what the Faculty considers appropriate provision of feedback. Appropriate feedback shall be provided to students in such a way as to promote learning and facilitate improvement.

Appropriate Feedback

Appropriate feedback is achieved by:

+ Clearly stating the nature and extent of feedback the students can expect in relation to particular assessments
+ Providing timely feedback to students
+ Providing feedback to students in the form of oral (individual or group) or written feedback

Timing of Feedback

Tasks should be scheduled at an appropriate time to assess student achievement against learning outcomes and to provide feedback that is constructive and supportive of further learning.

Chief Examiners of first year units offered in a standard semester are expected to ensure that at least one assessment task in the unit is submitted and returned with appropriate feedback by the end of teaching week six of the semester in order to support further learning.

For further information please refer to the University's Assessment in Coursework Units: Feedback Procedure

Forms of Feedback

Feedback on student’s learning may take several forms.  It may constitute:
+ Informal comments from tutors and staff members to commend or correct the student’s learning
+ Grades/marks provided on assessment tasks, which may be formative or summative.
+ Written comments on written assessment items.

For further information on feedback modes please refer to the University's Assessment in Coursework Units: Feedback Procedure.

Effective Feedback

For feedback to be effective it must be:
+ timely (a maximum of 4 weeks). The period of time should allow students to receive feedback in order to improve their performance on subsequent assessment tasks; and
+ it must be delivered in such a way that it:
+ is informative - clearly identifying the areas of strength and weakness.
+ explicitly states how the student can improve their performance.
+ aims to motivate the student to improve their learning, e.g. areas for improvement should be pointed out in a constructive and helpful manner.

The University outlines that for quality feedback the following three items are required:

  • For in-semester assessment tasks, feedback must address the learning outcomes and assessment criteria of the task, and include grades/marks and/or comments about the student's performance on each criterion;
  • Feedback should be provided in clear language that is not difficult to understand and be sufficiently detailed to support further learning;
  • The nature of the feedback provided on an assessment task should be consistent across all members of the teaching and marking team.

The university has also provided information in relation to requests for additional feedback. Please refer to the University's Assessment in Coursework Units: Feedback Procedure.

Feedback Procedures

This provides guidelines for the provision of feedback.

During Semester Test

For a test administered during the semester the unit Coordinator should provide general information about the performance of the student cohort to all enrolled students.  This may be done face-to-face during a lecture or tutorial time slot or via the unit MUSO learning systems.

+ This type of information allows students to benchmark their own overall performance against the student cohort.
+ Specific information regarding sections of the test, e.g. percentage of students that demonstrated a clear understanding of a particular section of the curriculum, alternatively, sections of the curriculum that were identified within the test as being difficult or poorly understood by students may also be given.
+ Information may also be further broken down to the performance of the student cohort for specific questions.  The extent of the feedback provided by the unit Coordinator should be that which can provide the most useful information for students without compromising the quality of further assessment tasks (e.g. it is possible that answers cannot be given for all questions if this would diminish the question bank available for future assessments).
+ Provision of model answers to assessment tasks can also serve as feedback and help students identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Written Tasks

For written in course tasks such as essays, assignments and reports, feedback should include comments that enable the students to improve their performance in similar future assessment tasks.  Feedback may be provided via a formatted feedback sheet and/or via written comments on the piece of work.

A formatted feedback sheet would generally contain or have attached a list of the marking criteria used by staff in assessing the work together with ratings or comments about the student’s performance on each criterion.

Comments written by staff on the piece of work should identify the good aspects of the work as well as areas that require improvement.  Care should be taken with the language used to convey feedback, comments should be constructive. Detailed specific comment on the student’s work is highly valued by students and can be a very effective means of providing feedback.

End-of-semester assessment

Please refer to the University's Assessment in Coursework Units: Feedback Procedure.

Feedback may also be provided by meeting individually with a student, or with a group of students, to discuss their performance in one or more assessment tasks. Students are entitled to view their examination scripts in certain circumstances. The student will need to make their request to the School/Department responsible for teaching the unit. The original examination script may not be retained by the student under any circumstance. Video and audio recording may also be used to provide feedback to students on assessment tasks that measure performance and/or clinical skills.