Late Assignment Submission Policy

Late assignment submission policy Chief Examiners of Units taught by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences must ensure that a penalty for late submission of assessment items is applied consistently in all units taught by their school/department, according to the policy.

All assessment items must be submitted by the specified time on the specified due date (of if off-campus, assessment must be received by the specified due date).

Students must be informed of the penalty to be applied for late assessment submission through the Unit Guide and/or the instructions given for each individual assessment item.

The Late Assessment Submission policy encompasses:

+ Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and  Health Sciences on all campuses

+ All undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs

+ All coursework students

+ Excludes Honours units, where a different penalty applies (See Honours Program, research project and minor thesis guidelines)

Students can download special consideration application forms from the University Special Consideration website . Students should submit the completed form, together with original or certified copies of supporting documentation. Students will be informed whether an extension has been granted. Approved extension forms should be attached to the assessment item when submitted by students.

Extensions will only be granted on the following grounds (with supporting documentation to be provided):

    1. Acute illness - eg hospital admission, serious illness, severe asthma, severe anxiety or depression. Does not include minor illness such as a mild cold.  A medical certificate must be provided.
    2. Loss or bereavement - eg death of a close family member, family relationship breakdown. A death notice or certificate must be provided.
    3. Hardship or trauma - eg victim of crime, sudden loss of income or employment, severe disruption to domestic arrangements.

+ For all assessment items handed in after the official due date, and without an agreed extension, a 10% penalty applies to the student's mark for that assessment item for the first day (or part thereof) after the due date of submission. After that, a subsequent penalty of 10% per day (or part thereof) will be applied for each day after the due date (including weekends, and public holidays). For example:

If a student gets 65% and is one day late the mark, deducting 10% of the total mark possible ie 10 marks would give a final mark of 55%.

If a students gets 90% and is one day late the mark, deducting 10% of the total mark possible ie 10 marks would give a final mark of 80%.

+ If the assessment item is 7 or more days overdue (for a 12 week semester unit) and more than three days late (for a 6 week semester unit), the work may be submitted and will be marked, but not graded. A zero grade will be awarded.

+ Individual assessment tasks that independently contribute to no more than 5% of the final mark may be exempted from the above rules if deemed appropriate by the unit Chief Examiner (see unit guide for further information).

+ No penalty will apply if an extension is sought and granted by the Chief Examiner of delegate. If the assessment items is handed in after the extension period, then the above penalties will apply.

+ Schools/Departments may choose to accept late submissions of work without requiring students to apply for extensions prior to submission dates. In these circumstances students may apply on the grounds documented above, for late penalties to be waived. Where Schools/Departments choose this option, students should consults their School/Department and follow the specified processes and policy for in-semester special consideration.