Release of Results Policy

This outlines the processes and rules associated with the publication of results to students. The University distinguishes between assignments set within the semester and final unit results. It is appropriate that the notification methods for results be separated in a similar way.

Notification methods for summative in-semester assessment marks

The use of Moodle for notification is required. 


Assignment marks may be distributed via Moodle using the My Grades tool. This ensures that students may only see their personal result, and the overall class statistics.

My Monash Portal

Where a unit does not require assessment submission via Moodle, assignment marks may be released via the My Monash portal, which provides the students’ official university email accounts, and access to WES.

In person

Assignment marks may be released  to a student on positive identification of ownership, e.g. comparison of signed ID card and signed plagiarism coversheet.

By authorised proxy

Assignment marks may be released to a person other than the student, with the students written permission, and appropriate ID. For example: A student may not collect their results and those of three classmates/group members without written consent from all three students.

Notification methods for end of semester unit results

The release of final results is governed by the University Assessment of Coursework Policy. Results cannot be released prior to the results release date specified by the University. The University approved methods of notification are:

+ SMS (Short Message Service)

Results ARE NOT to be published in any of the following ways:

+ List of individuals’ results posted on course or unit notice boards
+ Individuals’ results announced in class
+ Individuals’ results discussed in tutorial groups especially during feedback to individual students.

Remarking of assessment procedure (.pdf) (84KB)

Repeating a unit

Students who need to repeat any unit owned and managed by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences should repeat all components of that unit, including all components of continuous assessment.

Continuous assessment grades obtained in a previous attempt at passing a unit cannot be carried forward in subsequent enrolment and assessment. The exception to this would be a non-invigilated assessment item worth no more than 10%. The Chief Examiner would be required to document the exception and place the notes on TRIM for future reference by the Faculty, particularly for matters relating to academic progress.


Re-submission of an assessment task is not normally permitted, however, following the pre Board of Examiner discussions and the review of all student marks, the chief examiner will make a determination about additional assessment on a case-by-case basis. If the assessment task is an essay and it falls below the pass mark, the Chief Examiner may determine to set a different essay topic and tag as additional assessment.

Results finalisation procedure

This procedure outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Course Coordinator and Chief Examiner, and corresponds with the Procedures for Boards of Examiners and Results Review Panels.

Examination Results Procedures for Chief Examiner

Responsibility of Chief Examiner
Please note: The Chief examiner has overall responsibility for a unit, including the return of result, please refer to the Faculty Chief Examiner Guidelines

It is the responsibility of each Chief examiner to:

* Submit results by the required date with any additional information required (e.g. The Board of Examiners Report from the unit review of results committee)
*    Verify the result sheet of uploaded results

Responsibility of Course Coordinator

Please note: The course coordinator has overall responsibility for a course, including the return of results, even if they are not undertaking the teaching of the unit.
It is the responsibility of the Course Coordinator to:
*    Ensure all results are submitted by the required date, and any additional information required is included
*    Attend and review all relevant results at the school/departments review of results committee meeting
*    Attend the relevant Board of Examiner meeting and recommend confirmation of results for their course.
The Chief Examiner/Course Coordinator may discharge this duty with the assistance of a results review committee
4.14.3    Board Appointees
The Board of Examiners is a constituted meeting of the Faculty which has the responsibility of determining the results of the performance of candidates enrolled in the Faculty. To ensure equitable treatment of all candidates Board appointees for a course must stay for the duration of the discussion of the results of that course. If unable to attend, an appointee must nominate an alternate, who will be present at the meeting.

Procedure for the Return of Results

Results are submitted at the end of, or shortly after each semester. Full year units are returned at the same time as second semester results. Following the school/department review of results, the Course coordinator or Chief Examiner will confirm the results and communicate them to the relevant administrator. Once the results are uploaded to Callista, a result sheet will be generated and the Course coordinator or Chief Examiner will be asked to verify that the results are correct.

Unit Grading Scales

Grades should be entered using the University’s grading schema,
4.14.6    Checking of Results Register
The Results Review Reports are printed by unit and the Chief Examiner will be asked to check the results prior to the Board of Examiners’ meeting.

Board of Examiners' Meetings

The Course Coordinator must attend the relevant Board of Examiners meeting for their course. In the event of any anticipated absence, an apology must be submitted to the relevant administrator and an alternate must be nominated.

What To Do With Result Anomalies

The following procedures should be followed if you discover any result anomalies:

A student has attended your unit but is not on the result sheet

Normally, a student who is not on the result sheet has not enrolled, has not paid fees and has not been included in your teaching EFTSL. The student is not entitled to a result until the enrolment status has been checked. If you have students in this category ask them to contact the relevant course administrator. Normally, the student will be asked to enrol in the unit in the next available semester and receive any results at the end of that semester.

A student is on the result sheet but has not attended your class

The student is enrolled, has paid fees, has officially been advised about their enrolment status, their responsibilities and has been given the opportunity to dispute enrolment errors and is entitled to a result. Normally, if the student is enrolled and has not attended class, it is unlikely that he/she will have passed, so a result of fail should be recorded. Please do not return a result of DISC (discontinued), WH (withheld), DEF (deferred), WN (withdrawn fail) or leave the result blank. If the student wishes to dispute the result they should contact the relevant Course Co-ordinator, who may be able to take action to withdraw the student from the unit.

Transposed Results

A student’s results have been transposed with those of another student, or a student’s ID number appears twice on the results list. The original data must be checked by name/number by the Results Review Committee or the FBoE administrator with the assistance of one Results Review Committee/FBoE member only. Results are to be presented using the students’ ID numbers only.

Elements of the data matrix are missing

Where data is missing, for example when marked coursework, attendance at a clinical placement, or evidence of the completion of hurdle requirements is absent, liaison between the FBoE/Results Review Committee administrator and the data source provider must be undertaken. If the relevant data cannot be provided at the appropriate Result Review Committee/FBoE an examination result of Withheld (WH) must be recorded (see 6.0).

Withheld Results

A withheld result (WH) is used to indicate that a unit result has been withheld by the Faculty. It may be used under the following circumstances:

+ When an extension of time beyond the final date for the submission of assigned work or assessed tasks for the semester has been granted. The Chief Examiner can grant withheld results up to the date of the Board of Examiners meeting but any extensions beyond this can only be granted by the Board of Examiners. This includes withheld results that are an outcome of special consideration applications.

+ When a clinical placement or hurdle requirement is incomplete for valid reasons (e.g. illness, compassionate leave etc)

+ The Faculty Feedback Policy stipulates work should be assessed within 4 weeks of submission of an assignment/examination. Dates for return of WH results are covered in the Faculty Unfinalised Results Policy.

Retention of submitted and assessed work

Students are advised to retain a copy of all assessed tasks until the official result for a unit is determined and released.