Turnitin policy

The Faculty requires academic staff to utilise Turnitin a similarity detection software prior to assessing any written work comprising more than 1,000 words (excluding referencing). If the response rate from Turnitin exceeds 15% (excluding referencing), the Faculty requires staff to review the student's written work. This policy will come into effect from semester 1, 2017.

Undergraduate students

Students enrolled at a first or second year level will be permitted unlimited Turnitin resubmission attempts. For students enrolled in third and fourth year levels, only a single submission attempt is permitted.

Postgraduate students

Students enrolled at the postgraduate level will be permitted a single submission attempt. 

The unit coordinator/chief examiner will have discretion to allow multiple resubmission attempts on a case-by-case basis in circumstances where essay based assessment may not necessarily have been undertaken at an early stage in the student's degree program.

Further details found at: http://elearning.med.monash.edu.au/turnitin