Unfinalised Results Business Process

Blank, WH, DEF or NS grades should be finalised within six weeks of the subsequent standard semester. Result amendments must be returned on a University Post BOE Result Amendment Form. All signed amendments to unfinalised results (once checked for accuracy by the course administrator) must be forwarded to the Student Business Services team, Office of the Deputy Dean for approval and processing.

Any requests by teaching departments to extend a blank, WH, DEF or NS result beyond six weeks into the next standard semester requires the Deputy Dean (Education) or nominee approval.

Any results that do not have the Deputy Dean (Education) approval and remain as blank, WH, DEF or NS will be automatically changed to a Fail grade by the Student Business Services team.

Where a post BOE result is returned with a mark falling within the range for supplementary assessment (45-49N) and supplementary assessment is supported by the unit coordinator, the Student Business Services team will confirm the student is eligible and award a NS grade as appropriate under the Faculty supplementary assessment policy.

The following units are exempted from this policy, and do not require approval from the Deputy Dean, (Education), for an extension to the WH grade each year:

+ MED1011, MED2031, and MED5091 may be maintained as WH from semester one until December close down each year.