Verification of Fail Grades

Failed exams are to be routinely re-marked by a second examiner. All components of the exam that were attempted by the student should be re-marked. The first marker is to endorse the failed paper as 'Marked' and the second marker as 'Verified'. The markers are to discuss any differences in their assessment of the script before arriving at a final mark for it. Both examiners are to sign the paper.  If a student fails the unit regardless of a fail in the end-of-semester exam, examiners will not be required to re-mark the failed exam script.

A failed assessment piece worth 25% or more of the final mark must be double marked. A record of the original and second marker should be recorded on the piece of assessment and electronically where results are recorded.

Assessment of oral and performance-based tasks; for units in which oral communication or performance is assessed, and, in which this assessment is worth more than 30% of the total mark, quality assurance, verification or re-marking of work must be provided through; sound and/or video recording, or initial assessment by more than one examiner, or - other defensible form of verification.

Failed assessment pieces worth more than 10% but less than 25% of the final grade must be checked by a second marker. The second marker will verify that no sections were accidently missed and that the overall result is correct.

The Monash University Office of Learning and Teaching will conduct regular audits on the verification of fail grades to ensure marking practices are robust, consistent and fair.