Course and Unit Viability Annual Review Procedures

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Course and Unit Viability Annual Review Policy

The purpose of this document is to provide information about the faculty processes for reviewing courses and units with low enrolments and recurrent quality concerns.

The Panel reports to the Faculty Education Committee (FEC). It will normally meet in April each year prior to the HESA deadlines, once actual commencing figures are available for the academic year.
1. Production of annual report indicating student enrolments for consideration by the review panel.
2. Courses between 10 and 15 EFTSL to be considered for retention or disestablishment. This process is initiated once final enrolment numbers are confirmed via the report
3. The courses with low commencing EFTSL are referred to the Course and Unit Viability Annual Review. The Secretary also checks the previous year's course viability review report to identify any other courses deferred to the following year for review.
4. Submissions for the educational and business case for continuing/disestablishing of the unit, course or, in the case of double degrees, retention of the management of the double degree, are to be considered by panel (Note: the initial criteria for postgraduate offerings is 10 EFTSL, however, this criteria can be varied by the Chair).
5. Units categorized as "Needing Critical Attention" in unit evaluation (Median score <=3.3 by faculty standard) are reviewed by the panel.
o First time: Faculty assistance is offered for improvement action plan
o Second time: Faculty assistance is offered for improvement action plan and the unit is on notice for disestablishment
o Third time: Unit will be disestablished.
6. Consideration of the number of years that the course or unit has been on offer.
7. Consideration of whether additional course costing data is required for the degree.
8. Heads of School or Department are required to show cause as to why the unit offering or course should be retained.
9. The Panel makes a determination on retention, disestablishment or amendment of courses and units.
10. The Panel submits a report to the Faculty Education Committee, regarding the disestablishment of unviable courses and recommendation of unit amendments/disestablishments.
11. The Secretary notifies the relevant Publications coordinators regarding the courses that will cease to be offered (International Undergraduate and Postgraduate Course Guides, VTAC Guide, Handbook and other publications).

EFTSL: Equivalent Full-Time Student Load: a measure of the study load, for a year, of a student undertaking a course of study on a full time basis
VTAC: Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre
Course: The accumulation of units, according to a set of rules, that leads to the award of a qualification (e.g. Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Public Health).
Unit: A Unit of study is a standalone component of an award course that must be completed successfully to satisfy course completion requirements.

Deputy Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Director, Academic Programs
Course Conveners
Heads of School/Department
Faculty Director

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