Course Duration Policy

To clearly define the course duration (time limits) policy for all course work degrees in accordance with the faculty course regulations for both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

This policy applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees managed by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Course: The accumulation of units, according to a set of rules, that leads to the award of a qualification (eg Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Public Health).
Course Duration: Refers to the time limit for completion of a course of study.
Full-time: Refers to an enrolment of 24 credit points per semester
Regulations: a governing direction, rule or law prescribed by an authority

Policy Statement
The faculty course regulations includes course duration limits and reflects the university policy in relation to course duration time limits. Refer to:

The faculty has the authority to set lower time limits if required.

The maximum course length for all coursework programs is determined by the following formula:
Maximum course length = (full-time study course duration) X 2 + 2 years.
The maximum duration of any course is not to exceed 10 years.
Based on the above formula, the maximum course length of degrees of 3 years full time duration is 8 years.

Coursework programs with Duration of 1 year or less
A course which is one year full time duration (excluding Honours programs) or less, the course length will be determined by the following formula:
Maximum course length = (full time student course duration) X 2 + 2

Honours Programs
Normally, the maximum time taken to complete a one year full time equivalent honours bachelor degree program is two years

Intermission within Course Duration Calculations
Any granted periods of intermission are counted towards the time limits for course completion.

Responsibility for Implementation
Deputy Dean (Education)
Heads of School/Department
Faculty Director
Director, Academic Programs

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Key Stakeholders
Deputy Dean, Teaching and Quality
Faculty Manager
Director, Academic Programs
Faculty Secretariat
Course convenors
Course administrators

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Faculty Board

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Date Effective
October 2010