Course Management Policy


  • To prescribe the framework for a clearly defined course management structure with specific responsibilities and lines of reporting.
  • To meet the requirements of the Monash quality process and the expectations of Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA).
  • The policy sets out the broad structure and principles for course management in the Faculty.


  • All award coursework programs
  • All Faculty staff

Policy Statement

Course Advisory Boards
All coursework programs of the Faculty will establish a Course Advisory Board (CAB).

  • The CAB will provide a forum for communication between the course and its stakeholders.
  • CAB will provide expert advice to the course management committee.
  • For courses that are accredited or have a specific vocational outcome this requirement is mandatory in addition to compliance with Coursework Courses and Units Accreditation Policy.

Course Management Committees (CMC)
All courses offered through the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences will be managed by a CMC. Postgraduate courses may be managed in suites (e.g articulated Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters programs). The CMC has ownership of the course and is responsible for ensuring that the course has appropriate learning outcomes, and that the teaching, assessment and evaluation are closely aligned with the learning outcomes. It also has responsibility for self-reviews as required by the Monash quality process.

Year Level Committees
Where applicable, CMC will establish year level committees to manage each level of the course offering, including the honours year level. For courses that have relatively small enrolments or where the teaching mode changes across the course it may be appropriate to combine some year level committees.

Unit Committees
Where applicable, the units offered through the Faculty will be managed by a Unit Committee. A Unit Committee is necessary when new units are developed; are undergoing major amendment; or when the unit involves several teaching departments or schools. It may not be necessary in circumstances where a unit is established and delivered by a single administrative unit.

Core responsibilities of course management committees

  • Compliance with relevant University and Faculty policies and procedures
  • Effective management and development of appropriate learning outcomes
  • Alignment and compliance of committee terms of reference in relation to the terms of reference of the faculty committees to which they report
  • Implementing appropriate assessment strategies, aligned with the learning outcomes.
  • Adopting and utilising appropriate evaluation methods.
  • Consistent application of Monash quality processes - "Plan - Act - Evaluate - Improve".

Supporting Procedures
Course Management Procedures

Responsibility for implementation
Course coordinators



Key Stakeholders

  • Dean
  • Deputy Dean (Education)
  • Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
  • Faculty Board
  • Faculty Education Board
  • Advisory Board
  • Course Management Committee
  • Course Convenor
  • Year Level Committee
  • Year Level Convenor
  • Unit Committee
  • Unit Convenor
  • Academic and administrative staff

Approval Body

Name: Faculty Board
Meeting: 2/2013
Date: Electronic Meeting - 13 May - 20 May 2013
Agenda item: 4.2

Endorsement Body

Name: Faculty Education Committee
Meeting: 2/2013
Date: 21 March 2013
Agenda item: 7.2

Date Effective

"Date of approval" - or approved "date of implementation".

As approved by Faculty Board

Policy Owner

Faculty Quality Officer

Policy Author

Faculty Quality Officer

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