Coursework Intermission Policy

Policy Title

Coursework Intermission Policy


To provide guidance to students on the amount of intermission they may take and how this affects their time limits for completing a program of study.


This policy applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students currently undertaking a program owned or managed by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.


Intermission: A period of leave from a coursework course for students who have already commenced a course of study. Intermission may also be referred to as leave of absence. When granted, this reserves a place in the course for a student when the intermission has ended providing that the student re-enrols during the designated periods.
Audit unit: Where a student attends a class for which they are not enrolled.
Course: The accumulation of units, according to a set of rules, that leads to the award of a qualification (eg Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Public Health).
Course Duration: refers to the time limit for completion of a course of study.
Full-time: refers to an enrolment of 24 credit points per semester.

Policy Statement
Course convenors, or their nominee, may grant a candidate intermission from study for a period of no more than 12 months (2 consecutive semesters). In exceptional circumstances, additional time may be granted subject to the approval of the Faculty. Supporting documentation outlining the reasons for intermission may be required in these instances. A period of intermission taken by a candidate will be counted towards the time limits for course duration.

International Students
As stated in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2007 (ESOS), intermission for international students on a study visa can only be approved on the basis of compassionate or compelling circumstances. Supporting documentation outlining the reasons for intermission will be required.

Audit Units
Any coursework Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences student who has been granted a period of intermission, will not be eligible to enrol in an audit unit during the awarded intermission period.

Responsibility for implementation
Deputy Dean, Education
Heads of School/Department
Faculty Director
Director, Academic Programs
Course convenors
Course administrators

Date Effective
December 2010

Policy status
Revised September 2014

Key Stakeholders
Deputy Dean, Education
Faculty Director
Director, Academic Programs
Faculty Secretariat
Course convenors
Course administrators

Approval Body
CAPC 2/2014

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