The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences awards credit (advanced standing) towards its degrees and awards based on the University Credit Policy (including Recognition of Prior Learning) together with the Faculty course and award regulations.

Credit can be granted to students who have completed study at another institution that is assessed as being equivalent to units studied in specific faculty courses.  No distinction will be made in credit determination on whether or not previous study has earned the student a qualification, as long as the requirements for the minimum proportion of work to be undertaken have been satisfied.

Credit limits

Credit may be given for all units for which equivalence of learning is established to the following limit. The student must satisfactorily complete towards the degree at Monash University, at least 48 credit points in the course, or not less than half the course, whichever is the less, in order to be awarded a degree, diploma or certificate for the course.

The information included here is a guide only. The Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences reserves the right to award credit on a case by case basis.The limits on credit that can be granted in the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences are as follows:

Undergraduate students: up to 96 points of credit may be awarded for previous study into 3 year degree programs and up to 144 points of credit may be awarded for previous study into 4 year degree programs of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science.

Postgraduate coursework students: Credit may be granted to a maximum of half the credit value of the award enrolled in. As per the University Credit policy, limits on maximum credit do not apply to Monash nested or articulated programs.

Research students: Does not apply.

The faculty does not recognise the Near Pass (NP) grade in its grading schema and credit transfer will not be granted for units that have been graded as a Near Pass (NP) result.

Removal of Credit

Students may request to have credit rescinded at a later stage in their studies. To organise this students must put the request in writing.

Credit may be removed under the following conditions:

  1. At the students' request if the units are no longer required to meet course requirements. The student’s study plans have changed.
  2. The Faculty may remove credit if the units no longer meet course requirements (i.e. it is discovered that the student needs the room to complete core requirements and can no longer fit the units previously awarded) - in this instance the student will be advised in writing.

Procedure for applying for Credit Transfer

Commencing students are advised to discuss their eligibility for credit transfer with faculty student services staff or course conveners either prior to enrolment or at enrolment time.  Students wishing to be assessed for credit transfer must provide original or certified copies of academic transcript of results, relevant unit/course guide (which includes a detailed list of topics studied, contact hours, texts and references, and methods of assessment) to be submitted with the credit application by the determined closing date.

Any credit information submitted as part of the enrolment process will automatically be assessed for any relevant credit.  Students will be asked what credit they wish to accept as part of their course during the enrolment process. Students do not have to accept all available credit.

Where credit has not been assessed prior to enrolment in the course, individual students must apply for credit for previous learning by the end of the first week of their first semester of study so that their commencing enrolment can be adjusted accordingly. Late applications, including requests for credit submitted later during the course of study, will only be accepted at the discretion of the course convener.

To apply for credit transfer for previous study undertaken, students must complete an online credit application.

For assistance completing the online application, please see Instructions for the online credit application (pdf 440kb).

General Rules

The Faculty’s principles regarding assessments of credit are that:

  1. the credit awarded does not undermine the students' chance at academic success
  2. the studies are relevant to the curriculum and academic standards of the Faculty and University
  3. the credit awarded under points 1) and 2) above also ensures that students are awarded the maximum allowable so as to not penalize them financially or extend the candidature of the course unnecessarily
  4. It is at the discretion of the Course Convener whether credit for previous study be granted or not based on the syllabus and transcript provided in support of the request for credit

Where a dispute over the credit that has been requested or awarded arises the matter will be referred to the Deputy Dean (Education).

Relevancy & Recency

Credit within both undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs will only be awarded for prior studies:

  • completed at relevant tertiary level institutions;
  • completed at a relevant equivalent tertiary level (i.e. no credit will be awarded for postgraduate level studies toward an undergraduate level course);
  • completed within the last 10 years or more recently if the course requirements and professional accreditation body restricts such credit being awarded due to recency regulations.

The University Credit Policy states "To be eligible for credit, previous study must have been completed within ten years prior to the year of application for credit. A lower time-limit for eligibility for credit may be set by the faculty board for courses in disciplines where the state of knowledge changes more rapidly."

The following Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences programs have lesser requirements:

Name of School or Department Program titlesRecency Requirement (in years)Reason for Recency Requirement.
School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing/Bachelor of Emergency Health
  • Bachelor of Nursing Rural Health Practice
Units at first year level which contain a clinical component must be completed within    5 years of application

Requirement of the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Board.  Policy  at

School of Nursing and Midwifery
  • Master of Nursing
  • Master of Clinical Midwifery
  • Master of Practice Development
  • Graduate Diploma of Midwifery
Specified credit 7 years Unspecified credit 10 years Specialist knowledge in nursing field changes rapidly. Discretion may be used where there has been continuous employment and continuing education in the specialist field.
Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
  • Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging
  • Master of Medical Ultrasound (and embedded Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate)
  • Master of Medical Radiations (Radiation
5 years Technology, techniques and knowledge is rapidly changing in this field of medical imaging, making studies completed longer.

Exemption from core units

  • Specific exemption from core units in courses will only be granted where the curriculum of the previously completed studies is deemed to be equivalent to that of the Monash core units.
  • Where equivalency is unclear the Course Convener will make the final decision.
  • If a student wishes to appeal the decision of the Course Convener the normal grievance process should be followed.

Credit for non-MNHS studies

Students applying for credit for studies completed in non-MNHS disciplines will have the credit awarded as total unspecified credit points (e.g. "Unit level First year undergraduate program").

If the student wishes to have specific units exempted they must have written approval from the relevant Monash Faculty (i.e. appropriate signature on the application form).

Enhancement studies

Students who completed enhancement units with Monash University (or other enhancement program participants) can have these units awarded as specific unit exemptions within their course as appropriate. This credit is not mandatory.