Education policies

Grading Scale Policy for Postgraduate Coursework Degrees

The Faculty requires each School/Department to apply the University Standard Unit Grading Schema, as outlines in the Grading Scale Policy, when awarding grades for postgraduate coursework units (including Honours equivalent courses). Accordingly, the University’s Honours Grading Schema cannot be applied to any postgraduate coursework degree offered by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences for final unit results or course completions. 

Grade distribution guidelines

When making a recommendation to the Board of Examiners for the marks of a unit to be ratified, the Chief Examiner of the unit must provide an explanation of the distribution of the recommended unit marks in the following cases:

+ For all units where the fail rate is more than 20%
+ For all units where the total number of distinctions and high distinctions exceeds 40%

The indicative grade distributions do not apply to honours results, for units with enrolments of less than 15 and for units using criterion referencing.

If a unit is taught across more than one campus (in a given semester), individual reports highlighting the performance in students at each campus must be provided, unless the distributions at individual campuses do not fall within the above categories (ie N>20% and/or HD&D >40%), in which case a grade distribution report combining all campuses can be provided.