Provision of induction information and honours program guide

All  MNHS Honours Program should conduct a formal induction for all commencing  Honours students whether or not they have previously been enrolled as a student  at Monash.  An effective induction  program will ensure that students are well informed about the overall Honours requirements and area of study specific expectations. Induction is considered  to be a process which generally starts with contact prior to taking up the  offer of a place in the Honours Program and proceeds through arrival, first  days/weeks, and generally up to the third month of enrolment.

Schools/departments  should also provide all enrolled Honours students with an Honours Program Guide for the discipline (in written or electronic form)  including all of the following:

  • the aims, nature and benefits of the Honours Program in  each of the areas of specialisation in the school;
  • assessment details;
  • feedback processes;
  • the roles and responsibilities of the School Honours  Coordinator, students, supervisors and co-supervisors; (see appendices 3, 4 and  5)
  • school policies and expectations about supervisor–student  contact;
  • any relevant school and university safety-related  information and policies, including copies of all relevant university, Faculty,  School and or Department OHSE policies;
  • policies on computer usage, plagiarism, ethics, privacy  and intellectual property;
  • facilities available to Honours students in the school,  information to assist the students in using them effectively and any relevant school policies on reasonable usage; and
  • any other discipline-specific information (eg guidelines  for activities such as laboratory usage and field work ).