Period of candidature

The  MNHS Honours programs are normally completed as a one year (two semesters) full  time program requiring the completion of a total of 48 credit points. For  example, the Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) and the Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) can only be taken full  time, part time is not permitted. Enrolment can commence in semester 1 in all  courses or in semester 2 for some courses (please check with your  School/Department).

In  exceptional circumstances (acute illness, loss or bereavement, hardship or  trauma or circumstances beyond their control), students may be granted  intermission during their Honours program. The maximum period of intermission  for full time candidates is six months and part time twelve months, providing  it is within the maximum period of candidature and intermission available for  the course. For embedded honours, intermission can be one year and is aligned  with intermission from the associated bachelor degree. The maximum period of  candidature for the MNHS Honours Programs is two years, including any approved intermission. For an embedded 4 year honours program the maximum period of  candidature is 10 years (including any approved intermission). Students may  only exceed the maximum period of candidature in exceptional and unforeseen  circumstances, with the permission of the Deputy Dean (Education) and upon the recommendation  of both the School Honours Coordinator and the relevant Head of  School/Department. Upon termination of the enrolment in the Honours Program and  prior to completion of all requirements, the school/department must return  marks and grades for all assessable units in which the student was enrolled at  that time.