Provision of adequate supervision

Where  possible, all students should be allocated two supervisors. The academic  supervisor must be a member of academic staff from within one of the teaching  schools of the Faculty. In the case of a supervisor being from another school  or from outside the university, for example MonashHealth or another hospital,  an academic supervisor from the relevant school and with knowledge, expertise  and interest in the student’s research topic will be nominated as  co-supervisor.

The  second supervisor must have at least one of:

It is  expected that both supervisors will:

  • Have  had supervision experience
  • Have  access to adequate resources.
  • Be  available during the relevant academic year. Supervisors cannot be away for  long periods of time; and
  • Meet  with the students at least once every fortnight during the semester of  enrolment for full time students and once a month for part time students.

In the  event that supervisors are absent from the university for longer than two weeks  within a given semester, it is important that an alternative source of assistance  for the student is available.