Unit Quotas Procedure

The purpose of the procedure is to ensure that units with quotas are managed correctly and follow University policy and procedural compliance.

This policy applies to all undergraduate and postgraduate coursework degrees managed by the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences.

* Annually Schools/Departments are sent a report/spreadsheet of unit offerings and they review unit quotas as part of the next year scheduling and planning process.
* Schools/Departments review the spreadsheet and amend as necessary for the next year.
* All amendments are submitted to the Faculty Education Committee (FEC) for approval and are subsequently ratified by Faculty Board.
* Where a late unit quota is required to be imposed due to limiting factors such as timetabling or class size these will be noted at Faculty Board

Enrolling in Unit Limited Quotas
* Schools/Departments will ensure that all students for whom a unit is a core requirement must be able to enrol in that unit without impediment, subject to meeting any relevant progress constraints.
* Students attempting to enrol in a quota-limited unit or unit-set must normally be notified of the outcome of their enrolment attempt at least one week prior to the commencement of that unit or unit-set in the case of on-campus learning, or one week prior to the last day to add off-campus learning units in the case of off-campus learning.
* Students are to be notified by email to their Monash student email account of the outcome of their attempt to enrol in a quota-limited unit or unit-set.

Publishing Quotas
As soon as practicable information regarding the imposition of a unit quota will be made publicly available in course and unit information and School/Department web sites (Moodle) as appropriate.

Unit-set: A unit-set comprises a list of units or rules which constitutes a logical set of units. Unit sets are used to define a student's nominated path of study, and include such concepts as majors, minors, strands, streams and lists.

Responsibility for implementation
Deputy Dean, Education
Heads of School/Department
Faculty Director
Director, Academic Programs
Course Convenors

Procedure Status

Date Effective
July 2012

Key Stakeholders
Deputy Dean, Education
Heads of School/Department
Faculty Manager
Director, Academic Programs
Faculty Secretariat
Course convenors
Course administrators

Records Management
Archived records will be retained in accordance with Monash University Local Record Disposal Authority.

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Catherine Barnett