Unit Review Policy


To establish framework for the review of learning and teaching content and its delivery for continual improvement and quality assurance.


All Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences coursework units

All Chief Examiners

All Unit coordinators

Course Management Committee

Policy Statement

Two key forms of unit review are undertaken at Monash. The first is part of the regular University coursework course and unit accreditation cycle. The second form is triggered by the Academic Board when evidence collated on an annual basis indicates that disestablishment or significant reconfiguration of a course or unit may be needed. The procedure for the directed review is detailed in Coursework Units Review Procedures.

Coursework Courses and Units Accreditation Policy states new units, amendments to units and unit disestablishments are approved by CAPC for a period of five years. However, for review purposes within the quality assurance and enhancement framework a three year cycle is deemed appropriate. 

1. Quality Unit prepares an annual schedule of unit reviews.
2. The Chief Examiner is responsible for the unit review and presenting the report to the Course Management Committee.
3. Course Management Committee presents findings of the unit review to the standing committee of the Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC) biannually.
4. Unit review reports will be monitored for action by the standing committee of LTC and archived by Quality Unit as it forms a part of course review documents.

Supporting Procedures

Unit Review Procedure

Responsibility for implementation

Faculty wide - Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)

School wide - Course Management Committee



Key Stakeholders

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
Course Management Committees
School Education Committees
Unit Coordinator
Chief Examiner

Approval Body

Learning and Teaching Committee    Meeting: 03/2014         Date:  07/07/2014   Agenda item: 8.1

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Date effective

Monday 7 July 2014

Review date

July 2017

Policy Owner

Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Policy Author

Quality Unit

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