Nesbitt Group – Haematology Micro-platforms

Nesbitt group
2020 Nesbitt group L-R: Ms Nurul (Aisha) Abidin Zainal, Dr Warwick Nesbitt, Dr Crispin Szydzik

Group Leader

Research Goals

To develop and apply lab-on-chip micro-platform technologies to understand the mechanotransduction mechanisms underlying thrombosis & haemostasis and to develop novel preclinical and clinical diagnostic systems.

Research Overview

The Haematology Micro-Platforms Group is a multidisciplinary group focused on the development of novel lab on a chip, microfluidic, and sensor systems in conjunction with basic research focussed microfluidic platforms.

Key research areas are clinical haematology diagnostics, automated microfluidic drug screening systems, and fundamental research into blood platelet mechanotransduction

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the group, we have several key collaborators across clinical, biomedical, industrial and engineering disciplines including,

Projects & Grant Funding

For current project opportunity descriptions please visit our honours page, or contact Warwick Nesbitt directly.

Our work is funded by the ARC, and NHMRC.

  • Development of a microfluidic blood platelet analyser
    Investigators: Nesbitt W., Mitchell A., Nandurkar H. H., Hamilton J., Thompson P., Tran H.
    Funding: (2019 - 2021). NHMRC Development Grant 1153716
  • Targeting a novel anti-platelet mechanism for improved anti-thrombotic therapy
    Investigators: Hamilton J, Thompson P, Nandurkar H, Andrews R, Nesbitt W. Funding: (2018 - 2021). NHMRC Project Grant 1144210

Selected Publications

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