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December 2017

Is Elon Musk's giant battery really the answer to South Australia's power woes? read more

November Energy Showcase

MEMSI held its first Energy Innovation Showcase on the 1st of November, attracting more than 100 attendees from industry and across Monash. The Showcase was kicked off by a keynote speech by Giovanni Polizzi from Indra - a leading Spanish software company with $4 Billion/yr revenue across many energy and utility sector applications around the world. Indra joined MEMSI as one of its key researcher partners in the Net Zero Initiative.

The event showcased 32 projects from across Monash’s Faculties of Arts, Engineering, Information Technology, and Science, the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) and ClimateWorks Australia, Buildings & Properties, and the Centres of Excellence: FLEET, ACEx and ACES.

The projects included those funded by MEMSI under our cross-disciplinary seed grant as well as a range of other energy research projects.

The attendance and enthusiastic participation by Industry visitors from global organisations, such as Siemens, a major player in the global energy sector, demonstrates that MEMSI’s direction and activities are hitting the mark in meeting Monash’s strategic goals of research excellence and enterprise in a global market.

September 25th 2017

Baffled by baseload? Dumbfounded by dispatchables? Here's a glossary of the energy debate

Australia’s energy market is a prominent fixture in our daily news cycle. Amid the endless ideology and politics swirling around the sector, technical terms such as “baseload power” and “dispatchable generation” are thrown around so often that there is a danger the meaning of these terms can get lost in the public debate. read more