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PhD 2.0 : Industry partnerships, humanitarian impact and commercial success (Melbourne)
20th August 2019

During the event, we unpacked how pursuing industry partnership PhDs can help fund your study while making a real-world impact, building interdisciplinary connections, open interesting career pathways and immersive travel opportunities. Key speakers from GreenSync, Monash University, Engineers Without Borders, Pollinate Group and Senvion lead our attendees through their academic journey.

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July 2019

Monash University as living laboratory in the interdisciplinary Business of Energy.The Young Energy Professionals Melbourne Network, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Energy, facilitated a discovery tour of Australia’s largest behind-the-meter hybrid energy storage at Monash Clayton Campus on the 3rd and 31st May 2019. The system is likely to be switched on for use soon and will be a key platform of Monash’s Smart Energy City project. Discover what was said on the tours with Mr Tim Hoban Mr Colin Gillam , and Mr Peter Lusis. If you didn't get the chance to go on one of those Tours, explore the Virtual walk-through of the Battery.

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18-19 September 2019

From energy-efficient materials and smart devices to consumer behaviour and energy markets, the Monash Energy Conference will provide a snapshot of current advances, initiatives and future trends in the energy domain at Monash and beyond.This two-day conference will feature by high-profile academics from a range of energy-related disciplines as well as energy experts from industry and government.

This event is free and open to Monash staff, students, government and industry professionals, consultants and, NGOs.

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April 2019

Last month, Monash University and RMIT University researchers released their interim report about “The Future Grid Homes project” funded by Energy Consumers Australia Limited. Nicholls L, Arcari P, Glover A, Martin R & Strengers Y. (2019) Engaging households towards the Future Grid: experiences, expectations and emerging trends, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT University, Melbourne.

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A NEW STUDY: Power Java-Bali and Sumatra with Renewable Energies!
March 2019

Last month, Assoc. Prof. Ariel Liebman was at an IESR Seminar in Jakarta presenting the highlights of a new study released on the 21st of February 2019: IESR (2019), A Roadmap for Indonesia’s Power Sector: How Renewable Energy Can Power Java-Bali and Sumatra, Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), Jakarta.

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MONASH at COP24! Let's make Net Zero Carbon Footprint happen!
February 2019

Last year, Monash University sent a delegation to Katowice, Poland to showcase our interdisciplinary climate-related research, and won a Momentum for Change Lighthouse award under the Net Zero Initiative.

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