Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) Energy Cluster

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Hosted at Monash, The Australia-Indonesia Centre was established by the Australian government in October 2013 to focus on creating a multi-stakeholder network between Australia and Indonesia that generates research excellence and high-impact relationships for the mutual benefit of both nations. The Centre is a $25 million collaboration funded by the Departments of Foreign Affairs and Trade; and Education.

The Centre brings together leading Australian and Indonesian research institutions with business, government and communities in both nations to build stronger relationships and cultural understandings, and to create lasting impact from collaborative research. To this end, the Centre has invested in a small number of large, bilateral research clusters.

The AIC Energy Research Cluster which is co-led by MEMSI Deputy Director Ariel Liebman, is linked to the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The Energy Cluster theme is Affordable, sustainable energy for all – transforming electricity supply in Australia and Indonesia with Monash’s receiving $650k in funds in the project titled Microgrids as enablers of sustainable power system investment and decarbonisation pathways to answer the question: What is the right balance between centralised electricity transmission and local area microgrids? More information about this initiative is available at this link.