Past events

OCT 23

Covestro presents: World Solar Challenge - talk & panel discussion

This Seminar included talks by Covestro and PPG industries and a panel discussion on how innovation made Team Sonnenwagen's achievement at the World Solar Challenge become a reality.

OCT 13

Multi-Energy Systems:An introduction to the Smart Grid beyond electricity

Professor Pierluigi Mancareli introduced smart Multi-Energy Systems (MES) starting from the numerous research activities in this area within the context of several UK and European projects.Case study examples were presented which illustrated the presented concepts.

OCT 12

Climate Careers

This opportunity was a chance to engage with industry professionals in the environmental and sustainability sector.The guest panel was hosted by Niraj Lal, ABC’s Top 5 Scientists under 40 last year.

OCT 10

Real Climate Action

Tony Fullelove (Program Director, Monash Energy Transformation) and Jacek Jasieniak (Director, Monash Energy Systems and Materials Institute) showcased how Monash can power a sustainable future for all.


Bruce Mountain, Carbon and Energy markets: "Electricity networks, retail and distributed energy in Australia: all change please"

Bruce presented a broad overview for the reason of the high electricity prices in Australia.and explained why he thinks the government-owned networks performed so much less successfully than the privately owned ones when this ownership-based disparity is not seen in other countries. He also spoke about Australia’s retail electricity market contrasting outcomes in the different states of Australia and those in other countries


Dr Lawrence Jones: Managing Variability, Flexibility and Other "Ablilities" in Power Networks

Dr. Lawrence Jones discussed the recent advances in managing variability, flexibility and other abilities in power networks based on updated research and case studies from Australia, India, Europe, South Africa and USA . He outlined the challenges facing power networks and examined existing as well as emerging technology solutions.


MEMSI Blockchain Event

The Clean Energy Council in collaboration with MEMSI, hosted the Blockchain Technology and the Renewable Energy Industry Event. The event revolved around engagement with the Energy sector --related to blockchain technology and how it is likely to impact and change the Australian Energy sector!

AUG 26 - 27

EWB Monash And MEMSI "Ideathon"

EWB  teamed up with MEMSI to present an “Ideathon". The event was open to all Monash University students across all faculties with a focus on energy and sustainability.


Energy & Industry Transformation

MEMSI warmly welcomed Ms Natalie Collard and Ms Emma White from the Clean Energy Council to the Industry Seminar: 'Energy & Industry Transformation'.


Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project - Japan's first full chain CCS project

This seminar highlighted the unique features of the Tomakomai CCS Demonstration Project which include an energy efficient capture process and deviated injection wells from onshore to offshore.


Microgrids in India: Status and Future

Rangan Banerjee, Forbes Marshall Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, examined alternative contexts for microgrids in India (isolated, grid back-up, grid connected) and proposed a methodology for sizing PV and hybrid storage for isolated microgrids.

MAY 26

South Australia Blackout - What Happened?

In this presentation, Dr Tony Marxsen from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) outlined the cause of the recent South Australian power outage that resulted in an ‘SA Region Black System’.

MAY 23

Australian Technologies Competition

In 2017, the Competition again collaborated with the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres to help focus the benefits towards Australia’s priority sectors and deliver growth to companies across sectors including oil & gas, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, agriculture, medtech, biotech and cyber security.

MAY 19

Optimal Design and Operation of Solar Boosted Engine Driven Heat Pump (SBEDHP) Systems with Waste Heat Recovery

Dr Hoss Sadafi, an educator and a consultant engineer with industry talked about how to maximise the system efficiency through better design and functioning of heat pump unit run by an I.C. Engine and integrated with solar energy.

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