Impact areas

Energy Transformation

Up to 50% of Australia’s electricity supply could be provided by millions of distributed, privately owned generators by 2050. The growing global population and the modernization of developing countries are predicted to cause the world’s energy demand to double over the next 30 years. We are working to understand consumer behavior, optimize networks, offer new technologies, and recommend policies and market models based on evidence-based research findings.

Future Technologies

The resounding evolution in technology has led to a paradigm shift towards demanding highly efficient environmentally friendly power generation technologies and advanced energy storage systems. Our global leaders in energy conversion materials and devices, alternative fuels, low emission high-efficiency technologies, and data science are working to provide solutions that enable new technologies and systems.

Asia-Pacific Electrification

As the concept of centralized electricity production is disrupted through solar cells and battery technology, uniquely positioned emerging Asia-Pacific economies seek to leverage innovation to develop affordable energy solutions. Many countries in the region have yet to significantly invest in centralized electricity networks. We are providing technical and economic research findings to support the electrification process of countries in the Asia-Pacific region.