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How can we better support school engagement and academic needs of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds?

Make an impact in refugee education

Professor Jane Wilkinson explains how a Graduate Research Industry Partnership can empower you to promote diversity and inclusion in Australia.

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This research project will provide insights into the engagement, behaviour and learning of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Catholic schools, in particular those from African backgrounds.

Understanding student life experiences and the impact of trauma on learning and engagement may assist in attaining demonstrable positive outcomes in learning, school engagement and behaviour. This project will investigate the factors that support positive engagement with schools which in turn can support improved learning outcomes.

Lead supervisor

Dr Ruth Fielding is a Senior Lecturer at Monash University where she researches multilingualism, language education and identity. Ruth joined Monash University in 2019 and has previously worked as a Senior Lecturer at UTS Sydney, an Assistant Professor at the University of Canberra and as a Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Ruth’s program of research centres around multilingual identity and explores links between language education, intercultural understanding and transformative pedagogies for inclusion.

Project partner

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For any enquiries, please contact us by email to

Dr Isabella Ofner, Project and Partnerships Manager (GRIP)