MIME activities, partnerships and investments are guided by the following principles:


Clinically driven

Research priorities are defined by clinical need.


Close collaboration and integration of engineers and IT researchers into the clinical environment is essential for success.


The primary focus is on translational research that will lead to the development of new products and technologies that will have significant benefits for patients.


Development of close partnership with Hospitals, Industry and allied organisations such as CSIRO is required to ensure the development, commercialisation and adoption of our technologies.

Multidisciplinary teams

Using our collaborative research network, create multidisciplinary teams to solve the complex problems in the Med Tech domain.

Disruptive research

Foster emerging research in areas that will provide the next generation of medical technologies.


Build critical mass in the areas where we can deliver greatest research leadership and impact.

Patient Benefits

Accelerate the availability of new technologies via first-in-human clinical trials and community engagement.