Science Show 18 February 2017

Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld AM OBE appeared on the Science Show to discuss the exciting research being conducted by the Monash Vision Group.

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BBC Futures Summit

Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld spoke to the BBC’s Claudia Hammond at the World-Changing Ideas Summit in Sydney in November 2016.  The interview also features an exploration of the fascinating history of bionics, and the ethical questions that the next generation of enhancements may raise in the future.

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3D Printing to Provide a Helping Hand

A NEW 3D-printed hand designed by Melbourne researchers will give patients an affordable, practical and durable artificial limb.

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Jon Shah
Credit - Rob Leeson

Biomedical imaging expert and Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME) researcher Professor Jon Shah has been awarded a $150,000 innovation fellowship from veski.

The fellowship will allow Professor Shah to continue his research in Australia, which is currently focussed on a new, MR-PET scanner at Monash University. Only a small number of countries currently have access to the MR-PET technology, including Germany, USA and Australia.

Professor Shah is exploring new ways to investigate the brains of people suffering from traumatic brain injuries, mental health disorders, obesity and diabetes.

The veski innovation fellowships attract talented Australian and international scientists who are working overseas, to work in Australia. The goal is to further build research excellence in Victoria as well as promoting local, national and international academic collaborations and industry partnerships.


16/06/2015 Recently reported in the Age, Monash Institute for Medical Engineering (MIME) researcher Stephen Wang in collaboration with Jenny Keating and Tony Goldschlager have created a potential solution to help people maintain good posture - "the Virtual Spine" project. This smart chair contains pressure sensors that can monitor a person's spine position in real time, compare against their ideal spinal position and wirelessly text message or email feedback to the person in the chair. The project is being carried out in conjunction with Monash Health and Austin Health.

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