MIME Affinity Meeting 4 Presentations

A/Professor Heather Cleland
Director of Burns Unit, Alfred
Topic: Skin Replacement in Burns (pdf)

Professor Paul Myles
Director of Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine, Alfred
Topic: Anaesthesia Research (pdf)

Dr. Marcus Kitchen
ARC Australian Research Fellow; School of Physics
Topic: Soft Tissue X-ray Imaging (pdf)

Professor Paul Bonnington
eReserach Centre, Office of Provost
Topic: New Horizons in Visualisation: The CAVE2 Immersive Visualisation Platform (pdf)

A/Professor Silvana Marasco
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Alfred
Topic: Rib Fixation Device (pdf)

Professor Robert Medcalf
Molecular Neurotrauma and Haemostasis, ACBD
Topic: Nerotrauma and the Blood Brain Barrier (pdf)

Professor Ann Nicholson
Associate Dean, Faculty of Information Technology
Topic: Probabilistic Computational Modelling for Medicine (pdf)

A/Professor Adrian Neild
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Topic: Microfluidics and Microsystems (pdf)

Dr. Stephen Ting
Haematology, ACBD
Topic: Blood Stem Cells (pdf)

Professor Paul Fitzgerald
Deputy Director of Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre (pdf)
Topic: Developing Novel Device based Treatments for Psychiatric Disorders (pdf)

Prof. Frada Burstein
Centre for Organisational and Social Informatics
Topic: ICT for Health and Wellbeing (pdf)

Professor Manoj Gambhir
Head of Mathematical modelling and epidemiology
Topic: Predictive Modelling in Population Health (pdf)

Professor Anthony Dart
Director of Cardiovascular Medicine Services, Alfred
Topic: Clinical and Experimental Cardiology (pdf)

Professor John Wilson
Head of Cystic Fibrosis Service, Alfred (presenter Dr. Dominic Keating)
Topic: Converging Technology in Healthcare (pdf)

Professor Falk Schreiber
Information Technology
Topic: Immersive Analytics & Computational Biology (pdf)

Dr. Chao Chen
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Topic: Application of Robotics in Medical Research in Engineering (pdf)