egg carton

Engineering for life sciences:
Sound waves a 'forcefield' to corral single cells

A paper just published 2nd November 2015 in 'Nature Communications' showcases a new technology developed by A/Professor Adrian Neild and Dr. David Collins from the Faculty of Engineering which uses sound waves to keep cells apart. A key collaborator on the paper, Professor Magdalena Plebanski, Department of Immunology and Pathology, said, "Our research arose from an inter Faculty collaboration (Medicine and Engineering), and is a testament to the synergy of cross-disciplinary team work. "The team used two different types of cells, lymphocytes and red blood cells infected by the malarial parasite, further in collaboration with the Department of Microbiology, in order to assess whether the technique could be more widely used. Diverse medical and engineering teams initially met at Affinity Meetings held by the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME). Such exciting outcomes from new collaborations are one of the reasons MIME has endeavoured to bring cross disciplinary teams together

Using ultrasound, Monash researchers create a regular grid of wells like an egg carton. The cells sit neatly in the wells, like marbles. Image: