Our grants

Since 2009, our research has attracted a number of generous government and philanthropic grants. This support has enabled us to continue making advances in technological development and commercialisation options.


$924K Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) "Frontiers" program
Cortical Frontiers: Commercialising Brain Machine Interfaces

This project developed business plans for two companies based on brain machine interfaces, which could receive Stage 2 funding up to $100M.

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$500K MTPconnect, BioMedTechHorizons funding
Gennaris Neural Systems (development of bionic vision systems)

This project developed Australian-based manufacturing for Class III medical implants to support First-in-Human Trials. It resulted in far-improved yield and hermeticity of the tiles, and brought key manufacturing processes onshore.

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$1M donation
Dr Marc Besen and Monash University Chancellor Alan Finkel

The Monash Vision Group received a landmark donation from two respected business leaders, moving it a step closer to clinical trials of its Bionic Eye.

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$1.6M NHMRC: Development Grant (NHMRC1075773)
"Restoring Vision with a Wireless Multi-Electrode Cortical Device: towards commercialisation"

This project supported the First-in-Human trials of Monash Vision Group’s bionic eye project, including manufacturing, patient recruitment and post-operative psychophysics trials.

$20M Australian Research Council, Centres of Excellence (CE140100007)
Centre for Integrative Brain Function CIBF

This project supported the Centre of Excellence bringing together neuroscientists and engineers from Australia and the world, with the aim of furthering the understanding of the brain from an intra-cellular level upwards. Our role was to develop implantable brain-wave recording technologies that are compatible with cortical stimulation technologies.


$10M Australian Research Council, Special Research Initiative
"Direct stimulation of the visual cortex: a flexible strategy for restoring high-acuity pattern vision"

Monash Vision Group - Bionic Eye (Monash University, The Alfred Hospital, miniFAB and Grey Innovation)

This Special Research Initiative funded Monash Vision Group and Bionic Vision Australia, with the aim of developing the science and technologies to restore vision.